If there is one thing college has taught me, it is to know your priorities. You will always find yourself in situations wherein you are juggling reports, assignments, plates, etc., and you do not know which one to do first. “Wala na kong time!”, people, including myself, always say. But then I remember a quote from Bianca Gonzales’ book that said “You have as many hours in a dayΒ as Beyonce.” So I realized that EVERYONE HAS TIME, BUT NOT EVERYONE MAKES TIME. If Beyonce can do all the things she is doing right now, then there is no excuse that you can’t! It really is all a matter of priorities and time management.

So today, I prioritized spending time with my family (and shopping!), even if I still have to do a research paper that is due on Wednesday! But that’s okay because I promised myself that I would continue it once I get home (which I did! mejj) and I will be working on it the whole day tomorrow. college pa more. And finally, this is what I woreΒ when we went out!

01-10 01-4 01-3

My favorite pattern is stripes! I think for each type of clothing item that I own, one of them would be in stripes haha!

01-1 01-6 01-5

disclaimer: the house at the background is not ours! lol

01-7 01-11

yehes wumiwind effect


Top: I. Candy; Skirt: Cotton On; Shoes: Hue Manila; Sunnies: Uniqlo; Purse: Egg

I hope everyone will have a good week ahead! πŸ™‚

xo, moira ❀


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