September Favorites


Happy October everybody! Since September just ended, I think it was the perfect time to do a favorites post. I feel like September flew by real quick! Do you feel the same?


(1) Hula Hoop. I have known how to hula hoop ever since I was a little girl. Every now and then, my cousins and I would hula hoop together and learn a few tricks. And just recently, I figured out how to transfer the hoop from my waist to my neck! I was so happy!!! I’ve been trying to do that for years and finally, nagawa ko na!!! Woo!!! (hula hoop from Toy Kingdom)


(2) Flash Tattoos. I am loving flash tattoos because they are so pretty! And they can also last for days. I just wish there were more flash tattoos with designs that actually look like real tattoos. *sigh* (flash tattoos from Girl Shoppe)

(3) Paano Ba ‘To?! This is probably my favorite non-fiction book! I recently got it back from one of my best friends who borrowed it, so I decided to read it again. Every time I’m having those moments wherein I question my life and my existence (luh), this is what I read. Definitely a must-buy! (book from National Bookstore)

(4) Thoughts & Reflections. This is actually a 3-year journal wherein for every single day, there is a question you have to answer (same question per date per year). And from your answers, you will see how much you have grown and changed over the past years. I actually first saw this from one of Zoella’s videos. So when I saw this journal in a store, I decided to get it because I think the concept of it is really cool. *thumbs up* (journal from Typo)


(5) Baby Lips Candy Wow in Cherry. This is a tinted lip balm and it really does give color to your lips! This is actually much more effective than the smaller versions of Baby Lips. You should definitely get it if you’re the type who wants color on your lips but does not want to wear lipstick. haha (lip balm from Watsons)

(6) Blending Brushes. Whenever I’m bored late at night, I usually start putting makeup on my face just because I enjoy it. And these blending brushes really do make a difference! They’re also so fluffy and soft. hehe (blending brushes from Dear Kate and Wellworth)

(7) Maybelline Fashion Brow Cream Pencil. Before, I always used powder when doing my brows because I didn’t own any eyebrow pencils. So I decided to buy one and personally, it is much easier to use than eyebrow powder and brush. It also saves a lot of time. (or maybe I’m just really slow lol) (eyebrow pencil from Merkado Supermarket)


(8) Iphone 5c Case. It is sooo hard trying to find a nice case for 5c! Stores don’t really sell much of them anymore. I even considered just buying online or maybe make my own DIY phone case. But then, I saw this at Claire’s and it was so pretty! My blockmates also liked my new case and they said it was so “me.” haha (phone case from Claire’s)




(10) AlDub. Yes, I am a big fan of Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye! I’ve actually known about Maine Mendoza ever since her first Dubsmash video, and that was the time I started to be her fan. I found out about Kalyeserye through her FB account, where she shared a video of her and Alden during Day 2. I found her pabebe wave sooo funny and their Dubsmash of Twerk it Like Miley was just hilarious! I really hope they get together in real life!!! They are so cute!!!!

(11) Awkward: Prank Amateurs. FINALLY AWKWARD IS BACK!!! I loved the season premiere! ANG GWAPO NI MATTY HUHU AKIN KA NA LANG YOU DESERVE A LOT BETTER.

(12) Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Farkle. I loved this episode because it tackled a topic that you would never expect from a Disney show, and that topic is autism. The writers did a wonderful job. I loved one of the lines where Farkle says, “Please don’t ever let me not understand love.” That gets me every time. 😦


(13) Worth It by Fifth Harmony. Major LSS. I’ve also been doing a cardio hiphop workout that I found on YouTube and it used this song. Now I can’t get it out of my head! lol (

(14) Yaya by Jimmy Bondoc. We all know that because of AlDub, a lot of Filipinos have been writing original songs inspired by the said duo. But this song by Jimmy Bondoc gave me chills. I almost cried when I first heard it! Sobrang ganda. This is probably now my second fave OPM song, next to Ikaw by Yeng Constantino. (

(15) WILD by Troye Sivan. I FREAKIN’ LOVE TROYE SIVAN. I have yet to find time to listen to his new album. But just by watching his Blue Neighborhood videos, I already know I’m gonna fall in love with it. (

Sorry if this was a lengthy post! But don’t worry, this will only happen once a month haha! I hope everyone will have a great October and a fun Halloween!

xo, moira ❤


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