Why Likes Don’t Matter

Why am I even blogging right now when I should probably get started on school stuff that I’ll be submitting in two days time? hahah. But anyway, I was supposed to have an outfit post up yesterday, but I didn’t get to take any pictures because it was raining. And I really wanted to blog about something, probably because I’ve been having a lot of random thoughts about life lately, and I wanted to at least write about them so that they wouldn’t just rot inside my brain. ano raw??

I’m not really one to post a lot of photos on Instagram, since I’m not really that good of a photographer. But when I do post, I always look forward to seeing who will “like” them. About a week ago, I posted around four new pictures, after being inactive for almost a month. The likes were slowly coming in, and I noticed that they weren’t that many as they used to be. I only got around 20 likes per photo, and some less than that. That got me thinking, “Pangit ba yung picture? Ano meron? Baka kasi wala na kong masyadong friends..? LUH”

It’s not that I don’t have any friends, but there are only really few people that I consider as “close friends.” I tend to be socially awkward, to the point that I won’t even mimic a single word to you sometimes. (If ever I did that to you, I am so sorry.) I do have a lot of acquaintances, pero konti lang talaga close friends ko. Apat nga lang kami sa barkada e! Pero ok lang kasi sobrang solid ng grupo namin. (hi kim, ilka, and carrie. kinilig kayo ano? *insert smirk emoji here*) 

I started to worry a bit, and repeatedly asked myself why did I only get a few likes. And then one night, I had a really good and meaningful dream. It was as if God was trying to send me a message and answer my question. Here’s what happened in my dream:

A girl I knew was going to have a grand debut party. That girl was one of the popular kids, but she is somewhat like “Regina George” for everyone wanted to please her, but at the same time, didn’t really like her. She could easily get a lot of likes for something she would post online since a lot of people knew her. She invited tons of people from my former alma mater to come, including me. She and I weren’t even that close, but I kinda accepted it anyway. On the day of her debut, I changed my mind and decided to not go. Di naman kami close e, tsaka marami naman siyang in-invite, ok lang yun. And then suddenly, my dream decided to take a weird turn of events, and surprise, her grand debut celebration was just literally beside our house. So I had no choice but to at least show up. When I got there, I was shocked because only a few people came! And the guests who were there weren’t even the ones from her group of friends. They were people that weren’t even close to her, who probably just also came there for the party, and not for the celebrant herself. After the celebration ended and I got my souvenir, I saw that the debutante was pissed. I wouldn’t blame her, because why didn’t her close “friends” show up? Did they actually not like her, to the point wherein they would miss one of the most important events in a woman’s life?? Maybe they didn’t. Maybe they did. Who can say? It was only just a dream.

Then I woke up, and because of that dream, I realized something. Social media likes should not matter. They do not define you or your worth. Sure, it can bring joy, but your happiness and self-esteem should never be solely based on that. What really matters is the quality of relationship you have with your family and real friends. What if you were like that girl from my dream? What if you were popular and you could get dozens of likes in less than an hour? But once you go offline in the virtual world and you step into reality, you can’t even tell who your real friends are?

In this generation, it is so easy to be blinded and fooled by the amount of likes and comments we get in the virtual world, that we tend to forget the people who actually like us for us in the real world. Learn to appreciate those who love you for simply being you. At kung onti lang sila, ok lang din yun! Choose quality over quantity always! Hindi man ako patok sa social media, patok naman ako sa magulang ko, sa pamilya ko, at sa mga kaibigan ko. And for that, I am grateful. I am blessed. 🙂 (kinda cheesy but sometimes only hehe)

I hope you’re having a good day!

(I got the featured image above from Alden Richards’ FB fanpage. And yes, I stalked him HAHA)

xo, moira ❤


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