Carrie at 18

Last Friday was a pretty eventful day for me. I had Physics lab in the morning, and after that my friends/groupmates and I went to visit the Lumads which were staying at UP during that time. Then we had to go back to Physics since we had a recit session. After that, I already passed my design research (which was very stressful!!!) so that I can leave early and go to my best friend Carrie’s birthday celebration! I was actually late and I only stayed for about an hour, since I had to go back to UP to watch and support my org in Hiyas ng Arki (which I’ll probably do a separate blog post for). Such a hectic schedule, right??

But today’s blog post will be about Carrie! Her real birthday was yesterday, October 31, but she decided to celebrate it with friends a day earlier. It was held at Music 21 Plaza. I actually had a hard time trying to find where it is, naligaw pa kami! Sayang tuloy sa oras hahaha

12201047_10203740527713668_583123135_n12204764_10203740527833671_1158434851_n 12188295_10203740528433686_731562669_n

hello kim and ilka!


this is what happens when you let one of your friends use your phone…


Carrie didn’t let us leave without singing. So here’s a picture of Kim and I singing to Wannabe by Spice Girls. HAHA


This is Carrie!

IMG_9536 IMG_9535

ang gaganda namin diba???


and a celebration with our group would not be complete without an Instax photo!

Dearest Carrie,

HAPPY HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY! Sabi ko sayo sa letter ko, dapat may long message ako kaso kinailangan ko pa mag-aral kaya naubusan ako ng oras! So eto na talaga! Maraming maraming salamat sa pagkakaibigan natin. From two girls who did not really like each other (actually hate pa nga e according sa diary nyo HAHAHA), to two girls who now treat each other like sisters (but sometimes mother and daughter). Totoo yung sinabi ko sa IG na you’re one of the people I know with the kindest hearts! (uy medyo labag sa kalooban ko na sabihin yun ha ahhaha joke) You’re always there when someone needs a helping hand, or someone to just listen and understand. Sana hindi ka talaga magbago, kasi napakaganda ng kalooban mo (YEHES ANG DEEP NG TAGALOG KO). I hope you continue to be the God-fearing woman I know who loves to spread happiness wherever she goes. I hope you achieve all your wishes and dreams. Good luck with school, take care of your heart, and God bless you! I love you! Mwah!!!

Love, Moira

Happy November everybody! My October Favorites post will be upΒ real soon. God bless us all! πŸ™‚

xo, moira ❀


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