Last Week

*in Adele’s voice* Hello.. it’s me..

WEW LSS! Anyway, hello! It’s me, Moira! I just wanted to blog about what happened in my life the past week. Daming ganap! This is sort of like a life update through pictures; so if you’re interested, then keep on reading! πŸ™‚


First off, OMG! Michelle Dy noticed me on Twitter!!! She is my favorite Filipina YouTuber and I actually met her during the ThatsHeart meetup. I tweeted her since she was featured in an episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. I didn’t expect that she would notice my tweets! AAAHH! ❀


Then last Thursday, even though I had a design research due the next day, I decided to go with my cousins to eat at Box Park. Paminsan-minsan lang kasi yung mga labas naming ganito e! (dahilan pa more) I’ve been wanting to go to Box Park for the longest time now, since it is just 5 minutes away from home and I always pass by it whenever I go to school. And I finally got to go there!


great, now i’m getting hungry…


Meet my baby cousin, Julianna!


I mentioned in myΒ Carrie at 18Β post that I watched Hiyas ng Arki 2015 last October 30. Above is a picture of me and my orgmates before the show started.


sneaky selfie with the best lighting ever

BABALA:Β The following pictures will not be everyone’s cup of tea! So if you don’t like drag beauty contests, then feel free to click out! πŸ™‚

The theme of Hiyas this year was Philippine folklure. Each Arki org was given a creature from Philippine mythology and they had to choose a male org member who can best represent that creature, while still looking as fabulous as ever!





Damn, that costume though! It’s so nice and creative. The character’s name was Shokira Knightley, at siya yung nanalo! And her heels omg!


This is our org’s representative, Smoky Serna! (Smoky portrayed aΒ kapre/giant)


The show also had intermission numbers from different orgs in the university. This org did the Filipino dance, Pandango sa Ilaw. How do they balance that on their heads?? Grabe sila!


And all the four contestants with their escorts.


October 31: Carrie’s birthday! I posted this picture on Instagram and wrote my birthday message to her there. πŸ™‚

October 31 was also Halloween! I was supposed to celebrate it with my cousins by dressing up as scary zombies, but they had to go to their province to prepare for November 1. So yun, hindi natuloy. 😦 But I still wanted to do something, so I ended up trying (emphasize on try) to follow Promise Phan’s makeup tutorial for Esmeralda. Halatang walang magawa sa buhay. haha!

12202419_10203740552834296_1750040042_n 12200603_10203740552714293_1744282617_n 12204761_10203740552954299_396254_n

such vain.


And last night, I changed my profile picture in honor of my org’s 29th anniversary! Woohoo! #NovemBurn

The hell weeks are coming! Wish me luck?

xo, moira ❀


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