Why I Love Christmas

Can you believe that there’s only two months left of 2015? Is it just me or does it feel like time flies so quickly nowadays? On a brighter note, now that the year is coming to an end, that just means one thing… Christmas is around the corner!!! Well actually, it’s pretty much already here. In my country, the Philippines, the start of the “-ber months” indicates that it’s already Christmas. I even remember going to the mall on a September 1, and holiday songs were already playing. haha!

So today, I am going to share the things that I love about the holidays! There’s just something about it that always makes me extra happy and super excited. Here are the reasons why I love Christmas:

(1) SEMBREAK! Finally, a five week break from college!!! I am so excited to not have to worry about anything, and go to sleep with nothing in mind. This also gives me the time to drown in good movies and TV shows. Aaaah, just writing about this stuff already makes me extra giddy!!!

(2) Christmas Songs! To be honest, I actually listen to Christmas songs all year round, just because they’re so festive and fun. Here are my favorite holiday music from my playlist:

Pasko sa Pinas by Yeng Constantino (best lyrics ever!)

Christmas in our Hearts by Jose Mari Chan (a classic!)

Mary Did You Know by Pentatonix (this will give you chills!)

(3) Reunions! My father’s barkada has a tradition to have a Christmas party during the holidays. Of course, their spouses and us children also tag along! Throughout the past years, we have gone to different places for the reunion. We even celebrated Christmas in HongKong once! That one was really fun and memorable for me.

DSC01695DSC01574 DSC00674

Also, my own circle of friends have our reunion too! Last year, we actually did a mini photoshoot during our small gathering. It’s always a good time when I’m with them. ❀

IMG_4860 IMG_4861 IMG_4862

(4) Gifts! Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? It’s always nice to know that someone came out of their way to find a present for you. At the same time, it’s also good to give back to your family and friends, andΒ let them know that you love and appreciate them.

IMG_4946 IMG_4956 IMG_4959 IMG_4970

These are some of the gifts I gave to my friends last year! It’s always nice to add your own personal touch to a present.


(5) FOOD! Hay, it’s impossible not to gain a little weight during the holiday season. Ang sarap naman talaga kasi e! My favorite dish during this season would probably be sliced ham with pineapples. Just thinking about that already makes me super hungry huhu.

(6) Christmas-themed YouTube videos! I love it when the YouTube community all gets a little festive. Whether they are a beauty guru or a comedian, they will always have at least one Christmas video each year, and watching them get excited about the holidays excites me as well. Plus, Vlogmas exists!!! My favorite vloggers to watch are Zoe Sugg and Heart Defensor.

(7) BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! Nope, not my birthday. But a special little boy was born on December 25th, and his name is Jesus. I remember my grade school teacher telling us that during Christmas Eve, we always greet each other with a “Merry Christmas!” But it’s very seldom to hear someone say “Happy Birthday Jesus!” And that stuck to me, that’s why I never forget to greet Him a happy birthday. Without Him, I would have never been this blessed. And for that, I’ll always be thankful. πŸ™‚

Happy Holidays everyone! Are you just as excited as me? πŸ™‚

xo, moira ❀


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