The First Fitting

Even though I have no school for a whole week because of APEC, I still don’t feel that I get a “break” from it since I am swamped with requirements! Well, at least it’s almost our semestral break. Only one month left of school! *in Regine’s voice* WOO!

One of the requirements I needed to accomplish this week (which is surprisingly not school-related) is my debut planning! Yes, I am going to have the traditional Filipino debut when I turn 18 on January. I always knew I was going to have one, since I am the only child of my parents. But what I didn’t know is that planning a debut is STRESSFUL! It is not easy to find suppliers that are great, trustworthy, and not that expensive. hehe. Luckily, with the help of my mom, my list of suppliers is almost complete! The only things that I still need are a host and an invitation layout. Can you suggestΒ any people that might be good for the job? πŸ™‚

Anyway, I had my first fitting for my gown a while ago, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out! Here’s what I wore to my fitting:


why do I look so white in this photo?? lol


My baby cousin, Julianna, came with us because she will be wearing a customized dress on my debut! She is going to be my mini-me hehe ❀


She was definitely happy to be there. haha!


The gown at my back is actually what Kim Chiu wore one time to the Star Magic Ball. If you know who designed that dress, then you already know who will design mine. *wink*


Top: Terranova; Overalls: Fudge Rock; Shoes: Hue Manila; Shades: Penshoppe

I finally got a fashion post up! Yay me! Good job, Moira.

xo, moira ❀


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