Closer to Freedom

I mentioned in my last post that the past week was hell week for me because of all the requirements I needed to submit and the exams I had to take. But what’s weird about it is that every single time before the deadline or the test, I get super nervous. But once it’s finally done, I get this feeling of genuine happiness because I survived! That’s the funny thing about life. We get so worried because of all the scenarios we make up in our head, but in reality, things aren’t as bad as we thought they would be. So always think positive!

Yesterday, I had my third Physics exam, and it was surprisingly a lot easier than the last one. Pampabawi daw siguro? haha. And after that, I went home to watch Kalyeserye and OHMYGOD ALDEN AND MAINE ALMOST KISSED ASDFGHJKL. Then, I had the second fitting for my debut gown. Plus, I got to see a sample of my invites! I’m kinda excited for my debut, but at the same time, I feel like I’m gonna be stressed/scared when we get nearer to January 9. (i hope i won’t tho!) And this is what I wore to my fitting.




doing the #VVpose with my baby cousin, Julianna ❀


i think she wanted her own #OOTD too. LOL!


Dress: Cotton On, Cardigan: H&M Kids’ Section (YUP KIDS SECTION! HAHAH), Flats: Shoebox

I’m so excited because I’m going to have my pre-debut shoot tomorrow! I’m hoping everything will turn out well. And then in school, I only have two finals, two video projects, and one final plate I have to submit. AND THEN FREEDOM!!!

xo, moira ❀



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