My PreDebut Shoot

Last November 30, I had my predebut shoot at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. To be honest, I was quite nervous at first since I did not know what to expect. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to follow the photographer’s instructions, or that maybe they would put me in a really uncomfortable dress. Wow, this makes me realize how I overthink things a lot. haha!

When we got to the venue around 11:30 am, I quickly went straight to hair and makeup. We were greeted by our style team for that day, Style Diaries. My makeup artist for the shoot was Ms. Marichu Salud. She works with the said style team and she also does makeup for other models/celebrities. (o diba ang taray?? hahahah) Ms. Marichu was very kind, and she also gave me some makeup tips and tricks since she found out that I am a very kikay girl!


The first look for my predebut shoot was “New York Ballet Chic.” I super loved my outfit for this one! I felt like I was a real life Sharpay Evans haha! But then when they put the hat on me, I suddenly felt like I was a young Lola Nidora  HAHAHAH. Oh, and just a short story, while we were doing the shoot at the hotel lobby, an old American businessman saw me and said “BEAUTIFUL!” hahaha! (do i laugh too much?)


This is my hair and makeup for the first look. Ms. Marichu referred to this as “artista hair and makeup!” haha


“What big eyes you have!”


This was the only BTS photo I have from the first look though. huhu

My second look was inspired by “Malibu Barbie,” so we went to the pool area for this one. I had so much fun with this look because the photographer kept on making jokes to make my smile look more natural, I think. haha! Oh, and if you were wondering, Nice Print was actually who we hired for my debut’s photo and video coverage.

It was actually my mom who wanted to get them, but I kind of doubted a little at first because Nice Print is such a famous company that covers the events of a lot of celebrities! Parang nahiya ako ganun, because I knew that if we hired them, I would be working with really good people, and I might not be able to meet their standards. Do I even make sense?? LOL. But actually, I’m so glad we decided to go for Nice Print because the pictures turned out really nice (duh kaya nga “nice” print e). Plus, they made me feel really comfortable, and I didn’t get intimated at all. It was just good vibes for the whole shoot! Anyway, here’s my second look!


The photographer was actually the one who told me to do the cross-eyed thing with my eyes. haha!


And finally, the last look was the most formal one. They made me wear a really cute short pink dress, and it fit me so well IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE. (because it’s rare for me to find clothes that fit really well for I am a small person huhu) The dress made me feel like a princess! And it’s funny how the theme of the shoot suddenly became more of like a “Winter Wonderland” one since we made use of the Christmas props that were already in the hotel. haha!


A picture of me with the lovely people from Style Diaries! (plus my mom on the left haha) Thank you so much for making me look purdy for my predebut shoot!


And thank you also to my parents for paying for everything!!!

Life Update: I AM FINALLY ON SEMESTRAL BREAK! FREEDOM!!! Hopefully, I can post more often in my blog now that I have more free time. 🙂

God bless us all! 14 days until Christmas!

xo, moira ❤



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