Miss Universe 2015


I woke up pretty early today to catch the live streaming of Miss Universe 2015. I wanted to see and support our country’s representative, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. And if you didn’t know, Pia actually joined Binibining Pilipinas (aka Miss Philippines) three times before being crowned Miss Universe Philippines. Try and try until you succeed, right? And she finally did! Right from the start, I already had a really good feeling about Philippines winning this year’s crown. It just felt like the “tamang panahon” (right time) for the Philippines to win Miss Universe, after consistently being runners-up ever since the time of Venus Raj. I also believed that Pia could take home the crown because she is confident, classy, persevering, and driven. Plus, SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY FIERCEย and HER SMIZE WAS ON POINT. (Tyra Banks must be so proud. haha!)ย Watching Miss Universe was very stressful! I felt nervous for Pia too because the Philippines had wanted to win this so badly. However, I did enjoy seeing A LOT of Filipinos cheering for her at Las Vegas. Just like what one of the hosts said, it felt like the entire Philippines was there! LOL! (That’s one thing I love about being Filipino. I love how we are very sweet and supportive to our fellow countrymen.)


There was that one huge honest mistake. It was like watching a teleserye; I couldn’t believe it! Miss Colombia was crowned Miss Universe, but only a few minutes after that, Steve Harvey, the host, quickly apologized for announcing the wrong statement. Miss Philippines was actually the one who won the competition! BIGGEST PLOT TWIST EVER!!! I, together with my relatives, was jumping and screaming because of this well-deserved victory! SUPER EPIC!

Of course, I can’t help but feel bad for Miss Colombia. No one deserves to be embarrassed like that in front of thousands of people. So even though Philippines won, I wasn’t genuinely happy because I really don’t like it when awkward things like that happen. Pia didn’t even get to enjoy her crowning moment. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Although, I did like how Steve Harvey quickly admitted his mistake and corrected it right away. It takes a truly courageous and humble man to do what he did. Just like what they say, mistakes don’t define you. It’s how you correct them that does.

Wow. Our country won Miss Universe. Just let that sink in. AAAHH ANG SAYA. I am so glad to be able to witness a fellow Filipina to be crowned the most beautiful woman in the universe. Pia definitely deserved this. Just by looking at her, you can already see the passion in her eyes, and you can absolutely tell that she has already inspired a lot of women of today, including myself. She proved to us all that great things take time, and that dreams really do come true in God’s perfect timing.

Congratulations Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach for winning Miss Universe 2015! You are definitely confidently beautiful with a heart. โค


xo, moira โค


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