December Favorites 2015


Wow, the last round of favorites for the year 2015.. what to feel…



(1) Fake Lashes.  Grabe, they make such a difference! Before, I was really scared of fake lashes because one, they’re hard to put on and two, I feel like they’re too dramatic sometimes. But when I got to put on some good quality falsies during my predebut shoot, I fell in love! I reused them for a debut I attended and they instantly made my makeup look super fabulous!!! Can you recommend some brands of falsies that are really nice and worth it?


(2) This is Me, Love Marie. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK! I mentioned that I wanted to get this in my All I Want for Christmas 2015 post. Then I finally found a physical copy of it at Fully Booked Trinoma, so I bought it right away. This is Me, Love Marie is sort of like a shorter version of Michelle Phan’s book. I’m not complaining though! I learned a lot of new things from it, mostly about makeup and skincare, since that is what it was all about. That’s why I’m deciding to make a separate blog post about this book by Heart Evangelista. Super recommend!!!

(3) The Little Prince. I remember learning about this in high school, but I already forgot about the story. So my mom decided to buy me the book so that I’ll be able to refresh my memory. So far, so good! I usually read this before I go to sleep. It’s like I’m reading myself a bedtime story. hahaha. I really love how The Little Prince teaches us to always be child-like and not be too much of an “adult.”


(4) My Debut Invites. Such a weird thing to add to my favorites, but I’m gonna put it anyway! My debut invites finally came and they are so pretty!!! It’s more than anything I could have ever imagined. Nikki Santos, the lovely lady who made them, did a fantastic job of making the invites very “me,” which is what you would expect from a debut invitation. hahaha. Oh my gosh!!! My debut is only two weeks away and I don’t know how to feel… *screams internally*


(5) Tomb Raider. Since I am on semestral break, I finally have a lot of free time. So I decided to play Tomb Raider on our PS3 again! I actually started playing this a year ago, but I never got to finish it because our PS3 got broken huhu. But I finally finished it this time!!! The video quality of this game is perfection! Plus, I really really love Lara Croft. ❤


(6) Snapchat. I started using my Snapchat again! Add me: thatsmoira. I forgot how fun this was and actually, my baby cousin Julianna also likes this app. She is amazed by the different effects Snapchat can do!

(7) Celebrity Interviews. So I got bored at home (what’s new), and I decided to go on YouTube because it’s the ultimate site to be when you have nothing else to do. However, I got tired of watching Christmas videos by the YouTubers I’m subscribed to, so I decided to just see what was on my “Recommended.” And that’s how I started watching celebrity interviews. I think I’ve watched almost all the Fast Talk interviews by Boy Abunda. But my favorite out of all the celebrity interviews I’ve watched would probably be the videos where Alex Gonzaga is in it. She is so witty and entertaining! She never runs out of things to say, and I love how she really gets into the interview when she is asked for love advice. Try watching her when you’re bored and you just want a good laugh! haha!

(8) The Half Sisters. I think I only started watching this a month ago. Super late, I know. But can I just say that the cast of this show delivers really well!!! I love how the story is so twisted right now because it makes me want to watch what will happen next. Plus, Barbie Forteza is a really great actress! Personally, I think she is the best teen actress on Philippine television today. I can feel how passionate she is about acting, and hindi siya pabebe umarte!!! If the scene asks her to ugly cry, then she will ugly cry. I can definitely see a lot of potential from her, and I hope she will grow to be a really famous and successful actress in the near future. (BTW, I just learned that The Half Sisters is already on its last 3 weeks. Noooo!!! :()

(9) FRIENDS. I love this show!!! I’ve actually finished all 10 seasons of it, but I decided to watch some episodes again while I was doing my plates at 2 in the morning. I honestly think that everyone should be able to watch Friends because it is such a feel good sitcom and its cast members have a really great chemistry! If you haven’t watched this yet, I definitely recommend that you do!

(10) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Again, because of boredom, I watched some random videos on YouTube, and I came upon Jimmy Fallon. I watched all his Catchphrase videos because they were so entertaining for some reason, and my cousin actually really likes this show too!

(11) Just Go with It. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen this movie. Just Go with It is super funny!! My cousins and I have already formed a number of inside jokes from this movie (just like “ship shipper” and “woof kick woof kick” HAHAH). I actually love Adam Sandler for I think he is an effortless comedian, and the way he delivers his lines is enough to make me laugh. Other movies of Adam Sandler that I love are Grown Ups and Blended.


(12) James Reid. I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this on my blog yet!!! It was December 12 and it was just another ordinary day. Then my mom called to tell me that On the Wings of Love was shooting at our parish (which was really close to our house). So my cousins and I decided to go there because we were hoping to catch a glimpse of James Reid. We waited outside the church for about three hours just to see him. AND WE ACTUALLY DID SEE HIM. We were sooo close to James Reid, probably only two meters apart. But I was too scared to ask for a picture with him because he was talking to the show’s director, and I honestly think that we weren’t even allowed to be where we where at that time. HAHA. Nevertheless, it was definitely a day I will never forget. ❤ Oh, and I also got to see Nadine Lustre, Bailey (idk his last name), and Ylona Garcia.


xo, moira ❤


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