Back to Being Basic

Let me start by ranting to myself.

OHMYGOD MOIRA STEP UP YOUR GAME PLEASE. I started this blog because I love blogging, but it’s just difficult when you have nothing to write about. I really want to give a lot of effort to Little Miss Moira, but I’ve just been so lazy lately HUHUHU. I guess it’s also a challenge for me since either my cousin or my dad is the one taking my outfit shots, and I don’t want to boss them around and be demanding of super nice photographs and stuff. Plus, there’s no nice background anywhere near me!!! Ugh! Life sucks sometimes.

But on a brighter note, I have a new outfit post! The pictures (and background) could still be better though. I just really need to make that extra push and level up my blogging game. GO MOIRA!!!


Top: Greenhills, Pants: Levis, Shoes: Cotton On

that feeling when you want to do sooo much but don’t know where to start…

xo, moira ❤


5 thoughts on “Back to Being Basic

  1. Hey Moira!
    I started a lot of blogs with good intentions but they always petered out because I had ‘nothing to post.’ Thinking that will be your worst enemy.

    What do you enjoy? If you like books; write reviews. Reviews are great for movies, tv shows, albums, makeup products, etc. If you have an interest in anything on that list, review it! We all want to know what products are worth the money.

    Obviously you like fashion: Where do you like to shop? Where do you find the best deals? What advice would you give to people that have no fashion sense?
    Are you a high school/college student? How do you study effectively? What topic do you know a lot about that most people don’t? What goes in your backpack/purse on a school day?

    Do you like coffee/beer? Where’s your favorite cafe/brewery? Why do you like it? What drinks should people try, and what should they avoid?

    I hope some of those ideas helped inspire you 🙂 And remember, we’re ALL getting better at this blogging thing. Just write about what you love, keep asking your dad/cousins to take pictures, and soon enough blogging will be fun and you’ll have so many ideas you’ll need to keep a list!

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    • Wow, I did not expect a reply like this at all! Thank you so much for reminding me that blogging is about improving and is not an overnight success 🙂 Your suggestions suddenly made me want to blog more often! haha! Thank you so much!!! ❤

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      • No problem! I know it was a bit much, especially because we’ve never communicated before, but I’m so glad it inspired you!


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