Try Something New

So last Wednesday, I was watching a vlog by Heart Defensor (aka ThatsHeart and also one of my fave youtubers) and in that video of hers, she had her hair up in what she likes to call as “bun-buns.” It’s basically Pucca’s hairstyle haha and she carried it pretty well! So I decided to do that hairstyle one afternoon just for fun. I wore it to the grocery store and surprisingly, I didn’t get any weird stares (or at least I think I didn’t). It’s nice to try something new or weird or crazy every once in a while because it indicates that you are comfortable with yourself and you don’t really mind what other people may think of you. πŸ™‚ Anyway, here’s what I wore:


Sorry for the awkward lighting! I’m still trying to learn how to “find the light” hahaha


Here’s a fashion tip if you’re in a lazy dresser mood: just wear a dress! You don’t really need to think about matching pieces of Β clothing; plus, it makes you look effortlessly chic. *wink*


Dress: Kurumi (Greenhills), Shoes: Payless

Who else here watched #OTWOLTheLastFlight??? I’m gonna miss seeing James Reid on the television screen every night hahaha!

God bless us all!

xo, moira ❀


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