February Favorites 2016

Is it too late now to make a February Favorites blog post? I hope not!



(1) Pedro ‘N Coi. Pedro ‘N Coi is a Filipino restaurant owned by Shamcey Supsup, aka Miss Universe 2011 3rd runner up. Shamcey is also a graduate of UP Diliman College of Architecture (this is where I’m studying right now and fun fact: we are from the same org!) so she actually designed the whole restaurant. The branch were we ate is located at Greenhills, and even from the outside, the place already looked so inviting. When we got inside, I WAS JUST AMAZED. I really liked how it was designed because it FELT (and not just looked) very Filipino. Every little detail in the restaurant contributed to the overall feel of the place, and I love places that give importance to that. Being an architecture student, I know for a fact that architecture or design is not just about aesthetics, but rather, it is about what we like to call “diwa ng lunan” or “spirit of the place.” Architecture should be an experience, and that is exactly what Pedro ‘N Coi achieved. Props to Shamcey Supsup! Plus, the food was extremely delicious and “kakaiba.” Overall, I loved my experience in this restaurant and I definitely recommend that you try this place out!

(2) Food Camp. We live in a place near commercial establishments and a lot of new restaurants, and Food Camp is one of them. I love their burger and fries so much that I always crave for it once a week! Plus, it is not as expensive as other places that sell burgers. Food Camp is definitely a must try!


(3) Grown Ups. This may sound weird for some of you, but my favorite actor is actually Adam Sandler. He is such an effortless comedian and I find his movies really funny. One of my all-time favorite movies of him is Grown Ups, which is a story about five men who were best friends in elementary and they go on one big reunion. They took their families with them and they all ended up having the best time of their lives, which proves that nothing will ever beat the old school feeling of being outdoors and bonding with family and friends. I’ve probably watched this movie more than ten times now with my cousins, and it just never gets old. I love the chemistry of the characters and each of their funny and quirky personalities. If you’re looking for a good laugh, go and watch Grown Ups!

(4) Back to the Future. I can’t believe I only gave in to this movie trilogy now! I’m not really into sci-fi movies (because I don’t like science lol) but my cousins seemed to enjoy the movies so I thought I would give it a try. OMG BEST DECISION EVER! I loved the way they made the movie because it obviously used scientific terms and normally, I wouldn’t be interested in those kinds of stuff because I wouldn’t understand what they would be saying! But since I’m taking up a Physics class this semester, I actually enjoyed hearing terms like “flux capacitor” and “121 gigawatts” because I know what they mean and it made me feel smart HAHAHA. I also liked how the scenes were still entertaining and sometimes funny. I absolutely loved the tandem of Doc and Marty McFly. My favorite out of the three movies would probably be Back to the Future II, because it is where they explored the past, present, and future, and the ending of it was the best and funniest part. If you haven’t seen this movie trilogy, I definitely think you should go ahead and watch it!

(5) Mariquina. So I was trying to find something to watch on iflix and I came across this indie film entitled Mariquina. I’ve heard about it before and they say it’s a good film, so I figured why not try and watch it. I normally don’t watch indie films because their endings always leave me hanging, and I don’t really like that feeling. But I have to say, Mariquina is a great film because even though it left me hanging, it also left me with A LOT of feels. Basically the story is about a middle-aged woman who is trying to cope with her father’s death and finding closure, but the thing is, she drifted apart from her father ever since her parents’ separation when she was a teenager. She always thought that her mother left because her father had another woman, but in reality, her mother left simply because she didn’t love her husband anymore. The actors in this film were also great and I loved how it showcased the city of Marikina, which is kind of like the shoe capital of the Philippines. And just like the two other movies above, I recommend that you watch this Filipino indie film too!


(6) On the Wings of Love. I was never a religious viewer of this kiligserye since my nights during the weekdays are spent mostly on doing school work. But when I found out that OTWOL was coming to an end, I immediately knew that I just had to watch every single moment, especially since the show got interesting because Clark and Leah’s relationship was already on the rocks. Who would forget the lines “Kung mahal ka, babalikan ka. Pero kung mahal ka niya talaga, iiwan ka ba niya?” OHMYGOD MY HEART MY HEART HUHUHUHU. Another thing I love about OTWOL is that it is realistic and it does not need a “kontrabida” or a kidnapping scene on its last week to make the show successful. On the Wings of Love was simply a depiction of real life. I also liked how it showed that everything happens for a reason, because if you think about it, if Clark and Leah did not break up, they probably wouldn’t be as successful as they are. I am really hoping that this kiligserye will have a Part 2! *fingers crossed*

(7) That’s My Amboy. I saw on a commercial that Barbie Forteza and Andre Paras were going to have a new TV show, and since their old show The Half Sisters ended, I decided to watch That’s My Amboy. It really is just a light drama and a feel good teleserye, that’s why I like it. Also, ANG GWAPO NI ANDRE PARAS OMG.

(8) Friends The One with the Blackout. I started watching Friends again with my cousins, and I found this episode from Season 1 really funny because of Chandler’s awkwardness :(( “Gum would be perfection!” makes me laugh every time hahaha!

(9) Modern Family Spread Your Wings. I’ve been watching Modern Family ever since the show started and I find it very funny and entertaining, and I love how I always learn a thing or two from the characters. This particular episode focused more on Alex Dunphy, who is my favorite character because we have the same age and basically whatever she’s going through on the show (like college), I also go through in real life. The plot was about Alex’s giving up on college because she wasn’t really enjoying it and she was finding it hard to make friends. OHMYGOD I CAN RELATE SO MUCH. You know, being an introvert and all really does make it difficult for me to talk to new people. But at the end of the episode, I learned that you have to give yourself a chance and don’t easily give up on people, especially in college where everything makes you feel so done with life. #truestory


(10) Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson. Watching Kelly Clarkson’s performance of Piece by Piece on American Idol made me tear up omg 😦 It’s not that I can relate with the song because luckily, I grew up with a complete family, BUT while Kelly was singing, I really felt her hurting. The line “I will never leave her like you left me, and she will never have to wonder her worth because unlike you, I’m gonna put her first” MADE ME TEAR UP. The lyrics are so simple yet beautiful and very personal. I love songs like these that don’t need the most flowery words to tell a story or convey a message. They just simply need to come from the heart.



(11) Friends Funko Pop. I actually collect Barbie dolls and now, I think I have to add Funko Pop to my collection! I saw on Instagram that they were going to release Friends Funko Pop, and I really wanted to get them. I thought it would take a long time for them to be available in the Philippines, but I was surprised to see them at a store in UPTC! I bought the Ross and Monica ones since they were the only ones left in the store! Crazy! Hopefully, I’ll be able to collect all six of them because I love Friends that much! Also, I read that they were also going to release Mean Girls Funko Pop, so it looks like I’m gonna be broke because of all these collectibles. haha!


(12) Sketching. I’m so happy that we finally had a plate where we were required to sketch, not draft! I actually had fun doing sketches for that plate and it made me feel like I still have a chance in architecture. hahaha!


Quick story: Yesterday, I had a nap from 5-8 pm because my eyes felt so tired when I got home. But then when it was time to actually sleep at night, I couldn’t sleep because I still felt so awake. :(( I ended up watching YouTube videos of Say Tioco and one episode of Friends. And guess what? I only fell asleep at 5:30 in the morning. WEW.

xo, moira ❤


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