Going Out of My Style Comfort Zone


Last Sunday, my family and I went to the debut of a family friend of ours at Marriott Hotel, wherein my dad was part of the 18 Treasures. There was no particular dress code other than to wear a cocktail dress, so I figured I would pick something a little out of my comfort zone. Usually, for debuts, I wear A-line styled dresses, and I never wear anything body-hugging since I am insecure about my tummy hahaha. But when I saw this little black dress in the store, I completely fell in love.


When I saw this dress, I knew I wanted to try it on because its style is very trendy right now. It also reminded me of what Leah from OTWOL wore to an awarding ceremony for ArtMart. #CertifiedOTWOLista


I look tall on the picture above I am so happy!!! hahaha! Anyway, choosing a black dress like this one will instantly make you look and feel classy and the color slims you down very well.


Usually, when ladies wear black for events like this, they go for a red lip color. However, I did not want to do that because I still wanted to add a fun pop of color to my outfit. This is why I chose a pink lip color and a pink purse. For the shoes, I went with my silver strappy heels to match my earrings. But let me tell you, it is not easy to walk with these heels while wearing a body-hugging dress! Kaso tiis ganda na lang. hahaha


sneaky selfie


I think I sucked my tummy in for all these photos lol


with the father


with the mother


Dress: The Perfect Miss Match (Landmark), Shoes: Gibi (Landmark), Earrings: Jacatel, Purse: Charles & Keith


I just love going to debuts because I can dress all fancy and it gives me an excuse to wear (slightly) heavy makeup. And the best part has got to be the buffet! hahaha!

In choosing what to wear, it is nice to go out of your comfort zone from time to time because it makes you realize that what you were once afraid to try on because you don’t want to be judged, or maybe you’re just insecure like me, is not so scary at all. 🙂

I hope we all have a fruitful week ahead!

xo, moira ❤


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