Flashback Friday: Pink Overload

In celebration of Barbie’s birthday yesterday (March 10), I decided to throw back these photos which are probably too pink for your life! If it wasn’t obvious already, my absolute favorite color is PINK! This color instantly brings good vibes to my mood and it just makes me so happy. Almost everything I own is pink, which is also probably why people started referring to me as Barbie. haha! Anyway, here’s some throwback photos from almost two years ago.


Random fact about me: I am not really a dog lover but I bought this sweater from Forever 21 anyway because it was so cute and I needed something to wear for the cold weather in HongKong since we were going to spend Christmas 2014 there!


Also, if you’re wondering how I did this kind of hairstyle, I’ll let you in on the secret. Buy a donut bun and it will make doing messy buns a hell of a lot easier!


I think I look like I belong to a sample Instax photo from the picture above. haha!

Finally, it’s the weekend!!! What are your plans for the next days? For me, I’ll probably just be doing tons of school work since we are already in the middle of the semester… So help me God. 😦

xo, moira ❤


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