What to Wear to a Summer Trip


It’s finally summer time here in the Philippines, and let me tell you, IT IS SO FREAKIN’ HOT! I mean, I know I live in a tropical country but during this time of the year, it just gets really hotter than normal (even if the room is air conditioned!). But on the bright side (literally? haha), my titas decided to take us out to go swimming! I was so excited because one, it was the first time we would be going swimming with my two year old cousin and two, I can finally do something to beat the scorching heat!Β Prior to this outing, I decided to make a blog post on tips on what to wear to a summer outing, since I bet a lot of people will be going to resorts or a beach real soon. πŸ™‚


Tip # 1: Wear your swimsuit underneath your clothes already. So that when you arrive at the resort or what not, you would not have to take a long and hard time to change clothes inside the restroom. You could just simply take them off and jump straight into the pool! Woohoo!


Tip # 2: If you don’t want to be basic by wearing just a regular shirt and shorts, wear an off shoulder top instead! Tops like this are very versatile and can be worn at a semi-formal event or even at the beach during summer vacation. Plus, the top of your swimsuit can be seen, which can add to the whole summer vibes of the outfit. Pair your off shoulder top with high waisted shorts for a more stylish look.


Tip # 3: Wear your flip flops already so that you won’t need to change shoes anymore. It’s also nice if you can find something like this which still look like sandals, and not just your regular tsinelas or slippers. hehe


Tip # 4: Don’t wear too many accessories. I suggest to leave your earrings, bracelets, and rings at home because it’s just such a hassle to take them off before swimming, and they can even get lost since they are small in size. The only accessories you need are sunglasses (or a hat) to beat the heat of the sun, and a hair tie, so that you can put your hair up if you feel like it.




Top: Pop Culture, Shorts: Fudge Rock, Slippers: a store in Sagada haha, Shades: Penshoppe

This week hasn’t even started but I want to finish it already so that I can fast forward to Holy Week break 😦 I hope that I’ll be able to go on more outings like this in the next months, pero huwag naman sana umitim! hahaha!

Let’s all have a fruitful and blessed week ahead!

xo, moira ❀



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