No Pressure


Hello everyone! Holy Week is now over and I’m back in reality once again huhu 😦 Currently, I am trying to be productive by doing school work but for some reason, it stresses me out so much! I absolutely hate this feeling. I’m probably just scared that I may not be able to finish everything on time (even though I still have time since the deadline is on Thursday). Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by the things that you need to accomplish, then you end up being unmotivated to do anything and you just want to sleep it off? Well, that’s exactly what I’m feeling right now. Ugh, I hate putting pressure on myself when there’s absolutely nothing to be worried about or afraid of. But enough of that rant. haha! I guess I just have to give myself a pep talk and believe that I can do this. Woo GO MOIRA!!!


Now let’s talk about the outfit. Being a girly girl, I love to wear dresses and skirts wherever I go. But what I also love to do is style them differently. For this look, I went for a girly grunge outfit, which is just a tad bit out of my comfort zone. I love this muscle tee/sando-ish + skirt look! Pairing them with black high-cut Converse also made me move more comfortably, and the french braids really added a nice twist to this ensemble. (On a side note, I really think braids are starting to become a trend again!)


Fun Fact: I actually bought this top from the Kids’ Section! haha! And yes, I really am a mermaid at heart. ❤


When you try to do a cool jump shot but fail miserably…


Top: Forever 21, Skirt: Cotton On, Shoes: Converse

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel no pressure? 😦 #latenightthoughts

xo, moira ❤


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