Off My Bucketlist: Les Miserables Manila


I am one of those people who is OBSESSED with musicals, plays, or anything that has to do with the theater! It has been a dream of mine ever since high school to become a stage actress or a Broadway star (if only I had an angelic voice huhu). I have always loved the idea of having the guts to stand in front of thousands of people and just let go of the person you are, to transform into a character with a life and personality much different from yours. If it wasn’t obvious already, I am a theater geek. haha!

And last Sunday, I got the chance to watch Les Miserables which is here in Manila until May 1! I was so freaking excited to watch this play!!! It is one of those musicals where everyone, and I really mean EVERYONE, has to see because it is a classic and it is also the longest running musical in the world. Need I say more? This is actually the third time I saw a play with an international cast, but it was my first time to be sitting on the premium gold section of the theater! Aaaahh, thanks Daddy for making my dream come true! ❤

And just like how I expected it to be, Les Miserables left me feeling a lot of emotions because it was just so beautiful and every scene looked and felt picture perfect despite how “miserable” and helpless the characters were. It was a great depiction of a beautiful tragedy, and must I say, their angelic voices were so nice to hear that it was as if I was being sung a lullaby. My favorites from the play would have to be the one who played Jean Valjean (because his singing really touches your heart!!!) and of course, Fantine, who is played by fellow Filipina Rachelle Ann Go. Iba na talaga siya. Grabe, ang galing at sobrang ganda ng boses niya!!!


I decided to wear something that was a good combination of formal and casual. I am really loving the slits trend right now and I knew I had to buy one in black for that classy and elegant look. I matched my top with pants because I knew for a fact that it was going to be freaking cold inside the theater and I was right! I also brought a jacket with me so that I could really feel comfortable while watching the play.


I guess this necklace really makes me angelic after all. *smirk* Props to you if you know where this symbol is from!


Top from Greenhills, Pants from Levi’s, Shoes from Chelsea (SM Dept. Store), Necklace from Pop Culture (Trinoma)

I can finally cross watching Les Miserables off my bucketlist! I cannot wait when Wicked comes back to Manila. Ah, I just love the theater so much. ❤

Are you a theater geek like me too? hihi

xo, moira ❤


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