Happy Accidents


I am so happy that it’s the weekend and I don’t have that much school work to do!!! Anyway, my classes finished by 1 pm a while ago so I decided to watch a movie at home, and that movie was Serendipity. To be honest, I never even knew what that word meant before, and I only found out recently because of AlDub, since their story is similar to serendipity, aka a happy accident. I found the movie so cute and nakakakilig because personally, I also believe in fate and destiny. Actually, my name literally means destiny. haha! I absolutely believe that although we are still the ones who make our own destiny, there are some things that are already planned for us. There are things in our lives that need not be forced because the universe will conspire to make themΒ come true! πŸ™‚


I love wearing outfits like this which look classy and elegant. Style tip: Instead of wearing a nice blouse with the typical denim jeans, go for white pants instead. It’s a total game changer! But make sure it’s not your time of the month when you wear them. haha!


Top from H&M, Pants and Shades from Uniqlo, Shoes from Cotton On,Β Bag fromΒ Egg

What about you? Do you believe in fate, destiny, and happy accidents too? πŸ™‚

xo, moira ❀


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