#MoiraIs18: Predebut Shoot


Okay, this is finally it! This is the beginning of a series of posts about my debut which happened around three months ago, last January 9, 2016. I only came around to posting this now because there were so many pictures given to me (like 2000++) and I only had to choose 150 official shots, so that really took me a while haha. But anyway, let’s start with the predebut shoot! These are the official photos taken and edited by Nice Print Photography, and must I say I am really impressed with how these shots turned out! The theme I went for was Barbie and I wanted everything to be pink, because I don’t know that’s just who I am lol. I think I achieved the look I wanted to go for, and I had so much fun doing this shoot!Β I really have nothing more to say now, but I hope you like this post and if ever you’re trying to look for inspiration for your predebut shoot, I hope you find it in this post? haha I’m blabbering! Anyway, here are the photos!


Hair and Makeup by Chu Salud

Styling by Style Diaries

Photos by Nice Print Photography

Location at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

For more of my predebut photos, check out my other blog posts!

My PreDebut Shoot

Predebut: New York Ballet Chic

Predebut: Malibu Barbie

Predebut: Sweet and Chic

Watch out for my upcoming posts!!! #MoiraIs18

xo, moira ❀


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