#MoiraIs18: My Barbie Themed Debut


Get ready for a lengthy post filled with pictures from my debut which happened last January 9, 2016 at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel! This will likely be a storytelling version of my 18th birthday party. So if you’re interested, then keep on reading! šŸ™‚


My invites were designed by Nikki Santos, the sister of Patricia Santos, who designed my gown. I had a Barbie themed party so instead of the usual titles for the 18 traditions (like 18 candles, 18 treasures, 18 roses), I spiced it up and changed them to 18 Kelly’s, 18 Millicent’s, and 18 Ken’s to go with the theme of the celebration. šŸ™‚


This was one of the souvenirs I gave away during the party. It is actually a red velvet cake inside a jar, and it was really delicious! We ordered it from the Sweet Tooth Hub on IG if I’m not mistaken.


While I was getting ready, One Sweet Day PH, our event stylist, was already setting up for the event. I told them that I wanted everything to be pink, and I also wanted that the stage backdrop would be similar to the one from Marian Rivera’s baby shower as it was one of my pegs. They did a superb job of styling the event, and I highly recommend that you check them out! They were also the ones who designed the dessert bar and the lifesize Barbie box, and those turned out really great as well! Two thumbs up!!


Of course, before the actual event, we had to do a photoshoot so I am now presenting to you pictures of my awkward self! HAHA! But can my hair and eyebrows be as on fleek as this every day please??


My best friends “helping” me get ready. hahaha


Look! It’s the royal family HAHAHAH. And yes, I am an only child.


Time for the grand entrance! I think we started the actual event around 8 pm already.


I am greeted on stage by the host, Denise Yalung. My mom found out about her on YouTube and thought that her vibes fit perfectly to the theme of my birthday. šŸ™‚ And then it was immediately time for the 18 Ken’s, aka 18 Roses!


Save the best dance for last, my dad! naks


After that, we went straight to taking group photos by table number. Here are some of them.


While the guests were having dinner, my high school friends, Anne and Alex, performed a special song number for me! Anne sang Reflection and Be Alright, and I cannot stress enough how angelic her voice is!!! She is honestly my third fave singer next to Lea Salonga and Ariana Grande. On the other hand, Alex is the one who played the guitar and she is also bursting with talent!!!


Up next was the 18 Kelly’s, aka 18 candles. Instead of the usual candle, we used mini fondant cakes instead (because honestly I am really afraid of fire for they can be the cause of big disasters!! haha).


After that was the 18 Millicent’s, aka 18 Treasures. This part of the program felt like it was Christmas all over again! haha


Then it was time to blow the candles!


After that, I went out of the room to change into my next dress. So my cousin Myka sang three songs for the intermission, and she was later joined by Kayla, a family friend of ours. Once I came back, I performed a dance number with my best friends to the tunes of Problem and Focus by Ariana Grande.


Then it was time for the closing remarks. My parents said their speeches and gave me their gift, which was a Pandora bracelet! I honestly did not see that coming because one of those cost a lot of money, but they already knew I wanted to own one for the longest time. Thank you Mommy and Daddy! And thank you also for paying for everything HAHAHA. I also gave my thank you speech at the end of the event, and it was time for the afterparty!


^ A picture of me with Miss Maja, our event coordinator!


I decided to include in this post a list of all the people and companies which helped make my dream debut come to life! If ever you’re also throwing a debut or a party, check them out!

Hair and Makeup by Make up by Chu Salud
Gown and Dress by Patricia Santos
Invitation by Nikki Santos
Cake by Dexter’s Bakeshop and Coffee Shop
Event Styling by One Sweet Day Ph
Event Coordination by Eventcetera Events
Photos by Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings

xo, moira ā¤



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