My Black and White World


And I am finally back to fashion posts! I wore this to the mall around two weeks ago when I was trying to find white sneakers but failed miserably huhuhu. I hate it so much when I decide to shop on a specific day, but then it would turn out that I would go out of the mall empty-handed because there was nothing nice in the stores! BUT when I decide to just window shop because broke lol, that’s the time when there are a lot of cute things on sale! How annoying, right? haha! Have you ever experienced anything like that? πŸ™‚


I love this white vest that I recently bought from the Trendsetter’s Bazaar! Wearing white really makes you look cleaner and more elegant. Amor Powers lang? lol


I also started to try wearing a cat-eye look along with white eyeliner, just to experiment on what would suit my features and my liking best.


Top from I. Candy, Vest from Trendsetter’s Bazaar, Shorts from Fudge Rock, Shoes from Cotton On

3 WEEKS TO GO BEFORE FREEDOM. To be honest, I am sooo stressed and overwhelmed with the remaining requirements for this semester, and I constantly findΒ myself wanting to break down but nooo! I have to believe in myself that I can do this and get pass through this because God will never leave me to face these challenges alone. Konting push na lang, Moira! Kaya mo ‘yan. Kaya natin ‘to. ❀

xo, moira ❀


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