Get Lost, I Dare You


Being a teenager or a young adult as some may call it, I cannot help but worry about my future. I don’t really know what’s going to happen to me in five or ten years. I don’t even let alone know what will happen tomorrow, since it is election day in the Philippines. I’m not sure which career path I would choose, if I would stick with architecture, or try something related to fashion or media, or maybe even do something really out of my comfort zone. The bottom line is, I DON’T KNOW. I spend most nights overthinking if my craziest dreams can even come true, or if I would just settle for mediocrity. But you know what, no one really knows what can happen in the future. Like what Doc from Back to the Future said, the future is not written yet. And if I am feeling lost now, then so what? I have to remind myself that it’s perfectly normal to feel this way. I actually saw a post on Facebook earlier that stated that if you are feeling lost, then you’re doing it right. I guess everyone really goes through this stage in our lives. Let us always remember that although we know nothing for certain, that’s okay, for when nothing is certain, anything is possible. And just because things seem like they’re falling apart, doesn’t mean they can’t fall into place. ❀


Well now it’s time to talk about the outfit after that very cheesy paragraph! haha! I LOVE wearing neutral colors, so I was really happy that I found this gray shirt with a slit on both sides. It is also high-waisted so it didn’t hug my stomach and I was so glad that I didn’t have to suck it in the whole time while wearing this outfit. haha!


This outfit also kind of reminded me of Nadine Lustre, since she is usually seen in neutral colors. I actually really like her style (and IG feed!!!) but I don’t think I’d be able to pull that off every day. haha


And I finally got myself some white sneakers!!! I literally went to every single store that sells shoes at the mall but Mango was the only shop that sold the style that I wanted. These shoes are actually slightly bigger than my real foot size, but that’s alright since they’re so pretty!


Top from Dress Up PH, Shorts from Fudge Rock, Shoes from Mango, Cap from Trendsetter’s Bazaar

I hope that you have a good week ahead! And if you feel lost like me, then GET LOST! It is only through losing one’s self that you will be able to find who you are and who you are truly meant to be.

xo, moira ❀


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