April Favorites 2016

 This post has been long overdue so I am so sorry! I have been really busy this past week because of all the deadlines  in school. But at least I have two weeks left before vacation woohoo! So anyway, here are my favorites for the month of April. 🙂



(1) Everyday Kath. I have this thing for buying books by Filipino celebrities, and I don’t even know why! When I found out that Kathryn Bernardo just launched her own book, I knew I wanted to buy it. I’m not exactly a fan of hers, but I love her fashion sense and I really saw how her style was translated to the design and layout of the book. It was so pretty! It was pretty much like reading something Candy magazine would publish, which is just age-appropriate for teens like me. Well to be honest, I didn’t really spend much time actually reading Everyday Kath. I mostly looked at the pictures kasi ang ganda! And Kathryn is as gorgeous as ever.


(2) Zoella’s Kissy Missy Lip Balm. I must say that Zoe’s products are really nice! I love her Kissy Missy Lip Balm because it gives a slight hint of color, which is actually purple in the packaging, but it’s not too overpowering or pigmented, which is why it is perfect if you like going for a natural look. I also noticed that my lips feel smoother when I use this product, so that was really a plus! Congratulations, Zoe! ❤


(3) Snapbacks. I have mentioned countless times how HOT it is now in the Philippines. And when I’m at school, I usually walk from building to building under the scorching heat. But whenever I use my umbrella, it becomes so difficult because the wind is blowing it away! And I don’t want to get embarrassed kung bumaliktad yung payong ko HAHAHA. So I opted to use snapbacks instead! I love how they do the job of keeping the harmful rays of the sun from your face, and at the same time, they’re very stylish too! It’s hitting two birds with one stone!


(4) Block and White Sunblock. Actually, this isn’t just a favorite. It’s an ESSENTIAL. Girls, and guys as well, always wear sunblock when going out!!!

(5) Gudo. I am lucky to live in a place near some amazing restaurants, and one of them is Gudo! THEIR PIZZA IS SO GOOD. It really tastes different from other pizza places, even its texture and cheesiness is different. I’m not exactly sure how to describe it, but please if you ever pass by this restaurant, BUY A PIZZA. The cheese pizza to be exact. I also love their steak and pesto. Great, now I’m craving for them…

(6) Badminton. I used to play badminton with my cousins when we were younger. I even enrolled in a legit badminton training program, but I couldn’t handle that LOL that’s why I stopped. (I guess I’m not really sporty? haha) But recently, I’ve been playing it with my cousins again, just outside our house. We consider it as our way of working out or exercising, just to make us believe that we’re actually healthy HAHAHA. But yeah, I’ve been enjoying it so far, and I really hope we can play in a real court soon.


(7) Les Miserables Manila. For a theater geek, it is a MUST to watch Les Miserables. I was so excited when I learned that it was coming to Manila, and I knew for a fact that I had to watch it! To read more about my experience, click here: Off My Bucketlist: Les Miserables Manila

(8) Serendipity. This was such a feel good movie and it was so cute! It makes me want to believe that serendipity and destiny do exist, and ohmygod it just made me want to visit New York even more!!! To read more about my thoughts about this movie, click here: Happy Accidents

(9) 10 Things I Hate About You. I’ve heard about this movie a lot of times already, but it was only recently that I actually decided to watch it for myself. It wasn’t life-changing or anything, but it really is one of those movies that can be considered as classics, since a lot of people still make references to that movie on the internet. If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend that you do! Plus, ang gwapo nga ni guy HAHAHA.

(10) Saranggola by Donnalyn Bartolome. For some reason, I really enjoy listening to Donnalyn’s songs just because they’re very upbeat and fun. I recently discovered her song Saranggola, and it’s different from her other songs in the sense that it doesn’t contain a rap (lol), but I really liked it since it is such a feel good and chill song. Maganda talaga siya, and I recommend that you listen to it if you like listening to good OPM music too!


xo, moira ❤


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