Try Something New: The Dutch Braid


Starting this blog has also made me start to try and experiment on new things, whether it would be a clothing trend, a makeup look, or even a writing style. But recently, I have been watching some of Aspyn Ovard’s videos on YouTube, and it seems like her hairstyle videos are a real hit. So I decided to try my best to follow her instructions and try and braid my hair away! For this look, I did a half ponytail Dutch braid, and I pulled some of its parts out carefully to make them appear bigger and I also put a little hairspray on them. It just sucks that I have black hair, and the braid was not really that noticeable. Maybe I should dye my hair in a lighter color… hmmm… but at least I tried something new!


I am loving how my white sneakers can go with everything, even with a midi skirt like this! This outfit made me feel really girly and fun. Also, I did not notice until I looked at myself in the mirror that what I was wearing was similar to an outfit Maine Mendoza wore for Coke or Eat Bulaga, I think? haha wala lang coincidence


The only thing that probably annoys me about this outfit is how a midi skirt can make me look even shorter since I am already petite 😦 Ugh, I hate how my height limits my fashion choices sometimes, especially when it comes to wearing midi skirts because they are so girly and vintage and cute!!


Top: Terranova, Skirt: Greenhills, Shoes: Mango


And I just wanted to say a quick Happy Birthday to my cousin, Myka! Myka is actually the one who takes almost all of the shots for my blog, so thank you!!! Thank you also for the dinner treat! Gosh, I did not know I could eat that much food at a buffet. *bloated* hahaha!

What about you? Have you tried something new today? 🙂

xo, moira ❤


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