YTFF Manila 2016: OOTD


Let me start this post by saying that I AM FINALLY ON VACATION!!! I still can’t believe I am done with the semester, and it kinda feels weird that I have no plates to do anymore.. But I ain’t complaining! To kick off my “summer,” I attended one of the events that I have been looking forward to this year, and it was the Youtube Fanfest Manila 2016! It happened yesterday, May 27, and I want to share with you my OOTD for it and give a couple of tips on what to wear if ever YTFF comes back here in the Philippines! 🙂


For the event, I wanted to wear something comfortable and fit for the weather. So, I chose a black romper and paired it with a denim jacket, just so I can wear it if it gets chilly. But if it gets hot, I can just take it off and tie it around my waist! And trust me, it really did get warmer during the main event because there were thousands of people in the venue. I also chose to wear my white sneakers because I knew we would be walking and standing all day long.


What’s funny is that I saw like ten other people wearing the same getup as I had. haha! I feel like we all shared one mind lol. There were also a lot of people wearing shirt dresses, camo jackets, and some even wore onesies! Well, the best tip I can give if you’re trying to find out what to wear to YTFF is choose something comfortable! It’s going to be a long night so you better be ready for all the commotion and fun that’s gonna happen!


Romper: Cotton On, Denim Polo: borrowed, Shoes: Mango

I had sooo much fun at YTFF and I can’t wait to share what went down yesterday in the next posts to come! I luckily got to bring my best friend and my cousins with me, and they made the day even more fun. 😀

See you at the next post!

xo, moira ❤


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