YouTube Fanfest Manila 2016: Part 2


Welcome to YTFF Manila 2016 Part 2! So let me tell you what went down last Friday night. The main show surprisingly started at 7 pm sharp. Because last year, I think they said that it was also gonna start at 7 pm but it actually began at 8:30 pm. Typical Filipino time haha! Anyway, at first, we were debating on whether or not we would go into the crowds of people to get nearer to the stage. Personally, I didn’t really feel like it because I didn’t have the energy na makipagsiksikan sa maraming tao or as we call it, go on Monica (from Friends) mode haha! So during the opening, which was Gab Valenciano’s prod number, we were pretty far from the stage. lol.


But after a while and a few favors from the YTFF crew, my tita, who was at the VIP section since she was part of the media, got us into the VIP section as well! But it was actually farther from the stage than the general admission section since I guess VIP was about being spacious rather than crowded. haha! Then, a staff member escorted us to somewhere nearer the stage, and that’s where we stayed the whole night!


AJ Rafael. Everyone sang along when he performed “We Could Happen.”


Tanner Patrick. My cousin and best friend kept saying that he looked like Taylor Swift. haha!


Mikey Bustos. He was so funny and so photogenic as well!


They played a video of Mikey Bustos letting Connor Franta try a famous Filipino dessert, halo-halo. I found it really funny when Mikey said that Connor was eating a piece of Barney when he was eating ube/purple yam. haha!


Everyone just went wild when Connor went to the stage, including me! He was actually the YouTuber that I was most looking forward to see that night. He was so freaking cute. ❀


Some lucky fans got to take a selfie with Connor!


There was also a quick Question and Answer for Connor Franta regarding basic knowledge about the Philippines. lol!


Tiffany Alvord.


Lloyd Cadena and Wengie.


The Filharmonic. Their voices are unreal!


Alex Wassabi with his brother and the hosts. They did a couple of dares, and they got so scared when they were dared to eat balut. HAHA!


They ate durian as well!


Abra. He was so photogenic. haha!


Bogart the Explorer. I realized how I have never seen him in any other clothes. He literally always looks the same! haha!


The YouTubers played a game of Charades/Pinoy Henyo.


Wengie was so cute!


Tyler Ward.


And before you know it, the venue was filled with confetti! I can’t find another word to describe this but “beautiful.”


There was an afterparty with a DJ and all after the show, but we didn’t bother to stay anymore. I actually tried looking for Say Tioco because I really wanted to take a picture with her. But I had no luck since the venue was just too big!


When I got home, that’s the only time I realized that I had such a good time and a solid night. When I was trying to sleep, I could still hear the loud music from YTFF and see the excited audience. Overall, YTFF Manila 2016 was one of the best things that happened this year so far.

I can’t wait for more moments like this.

xo, moira ❀


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