Summer, Where You At?


It sucks to know that (1) I am sick right now and (2) I have nothing much planned for the summer. šŸ˜¦ I think I have only gone swimming once since the year started huhu. I’m not even sure if I would even have the chance to go out of town with my best friends since even if we’re on vacation, we still have our own schedules and endeavors. This feels like a total summer bummer… BUT if I ever do get a chance to go out on a real vacation, this is what I would wear:


This is a super classic girly outfit to wear anywhere! Whether you are going to the beach or to the mall, it is the perfect outfit to just lounge around and chill. And I just wanted to say that I have no idea why my skin turned out to look like this on camera. #lightingprobs hahaha. Well, now I know what I would look like if I were morena like the lovely Nadine Lustre! ā¤


Why am I so happy in the photo above??


That moment when you just don’t know anymore HAHAHA


Top from Greenhills, Cardigan from H&M, Shorts from Fudge Rock, Shoes from Hue Manila

What are your plans for the summer? šŸ™‚

xo, moira ā¤


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