A Quick Getaway at Aruga, The Grove


Last weekend, my parents decided to grant my request of going on an overnight stay at Aruga, The Grove. I learned about it through Vern and Verniece’s blog post which you can check right here. It has always been a challenge for us to find a nice hotel we can have a quick getaway at inside the city, which is of good price but still possess a resort-like feel. And then suddenly one day, I find out about Aruga! It is a hotel/condo located at Pasig City, just in front of Tiendesitas. I immediately searched about it (and its rates), and fortunately, my parents also thought that it was a great idea to have an overnight stay there. Naawa na siguro sa ‘kin kasi patapos na bakasyon ko at nabubulok na ko sa bahay. Lol.


We arrived at Aruga at around 6 pm already! Our check-in was actually scheduled at 2 pm but we had to run an errand that same day and we also got lost because of a freaking flyover! We ended up all the way in Makati (paano??) and I was so stressed deep inside because I was worried if Aruga would decide to cancel our reservation since we didn’t show up on time! Thankfully, they did not do that and my parents and I finally got to rest after a hectic day. On the bright side, they have golf carts! I don’t know why but golf carts make me happy. hihi.


They have a few restaurants by the entrance which is always convenient for those staying at their hotel.


My dad booked the two bedroom suite for the weekend and our room was so cozy! It had a living area, dining area, COMPLETE kitchen, maid’s quarter (with T&B and laundry), guest’s bathroom, single bedroom, and a master’s bedroom with its own bathroom. Sobrang kumpleto diba?


By night time, we had guests (aka my mom and dad’s barkada) over and we ordered Chinese food for dinner. We just pretty much ~chilled~ the whole evening while my parents and their friends shared stories and played a few video games too. When it was time for them to leave, our guests actually told us that they already felt at home there and it was like we were all on a getaway at Fontana. haha!


The next day, I woke up at around 10 am (huhu) and my dad and I went for a quick swim at the pool. Surprisingly, there were only a few people swimming and I actually saw some guys who were probably in their late 40’s to early 60’s having a swimming lesson! The pool was also really big and they even had a kiddie pool too (which was equally as big).


I think I have mastered the art of sleeping while floating. haha!


Then it was time to check out! The picture above is me (duh) at their reception area.


Aruga also has a grocery store which is pretty convenient. Also, instead of the usual breakfast buffet at hotels, what they offered was breakfast vouchers in one of their restaurants. We chose The Gardens Brunch Cafe and I had a really healthy and delicious pasta. Yum!


A quick selfie before we left


And that concludes our quick overnight stay at Aruga, The Grove by Rockwell! I most probably will come back (and I will be early next time PRAMIS) and maybe with not just my parents, but with friends and family perhaps? Maybe even take over the kitchen and cook/bake something for the first time. haha! I had a really good time at Aruga and I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a getaway inside the city.


xo, moira ❤


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