Summer Bucketlist 2016 UPDATE!

And just like that, my “summer” for 2016 is now coming to an end. 😦 Well actually, this break lasted around 10 weeks, and it was pretty long but never enough! I am not looking forward to this school year at all because I am now on my third year of college, and I am so freaking scared. Everyone says that it is one of the most difficult years other than thesis year, so please wish me luck? My classes start tomorrow and I need all the luck I can get. 😦

Anyway, on a more positive note, at the start of my “summer,” I made a bucketlist of the things I wanted to accomplish (which you can check out here)Β and it is now time to see if I did them all!

(1) Work out. HAHAHA. Okay, to be fair, I DID work out for around two weeks and that was the time when I decided that I wanted to live healthier and LOSE ALL MY FREAKING BELLY FAT!!! I got really into it at first but as time passes by, you can’t help but want to eat! LOL fried chicken is bae. ❀ Oh well, I’ll try again next summer. haha!

(2) Learn to drive. Sadly, I did not get to do this just because I didn’t really feel like wanting to learn how to drive at this point in my life. To be honest, it’s probably because I’m scared to drive here in the Philippines. I guess I’ll just enroll in a driving school when I’m completely ready. πŸ™‚

(3) Finish my PS3 games. YES!!! I finished The Walking Dead Season 2 (which was so heart-racing and it can really make you feel guilty just bc of choices you had to make), Tomb Raider Underworld (which took forever), and the Uncharted series (yup, all 4 of them). I didn’t get to play much though of my Barbie Puppy Rescue game because I think it was broken (?) and I did start playing Life is Strange on the PS4 but I got too lazy to keep going because playing video games everyday can take a toll on you sometimes. I’ll probably finish it next semestral break. Do you have any suggestions on fun and interesting games we can buy for the PS4? πŸ™‚

(4) Play Sims 4 more often. I did play the Sims 4 during the first half of my break. I also bought the Get Together expansion pack but unfortunately, it didn’t really click with me. And now I have totally neglected my Sims since I started making YouTube videos. I’ll probably play more of it during my next break na lang lol, but at the same time, I want to buy the new Dine Out game pack! The struggle is real. haha!

(5) Watch more movies. I totally watched a lot of movies during this break. To name a few, I watched Notting Hill, English Only Please, Legally Blonde, Legally Blonde 2, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Sabrina, Imagine You and Me, and sooo many more.

(6) Finish a book. UGH I didn’t even try to start finishing Girl Online on Tour. I think it’s because it’s too “young” for me anymore. LOL is that even a thing? But I did read Jadine’s book entitled Team Real so does that count? haha!

(7) Buy a new phone. YAAAS I finally bought a new phone! If you want to know more about my iPhone SE, check my blog postΒ here!

(8) Blog more. I totally did the opposite of this. 😦 It is difficult to do vlogging and blogging at the same time. But I do try my best to brainstorm new blog post ideas. I just really don’t have the time, energy, and resources to do both flawlessly. Mahina ang kalaban.

(9) Vlog. YES!!! I finally started making YouTube videos and I really don’t get why I didn’t start sooner since vlogging makes me happy and it always leaves me with a sense of accomplishment. To be honest, I still have a looong way to go since this is just the beginning, but I know that consistency is key and I hope that I will never lose my drive to produce more content on my channel. Check out my latest video down below!

(10) Go out of town with my best friends. HUHU. This did not at all happen because we (well at least my friends, lol) were so busy this entire summer. There was only ONE legit time when we ALL hanged out as a group, and it’s heartbreaking to think that we only get to see each other a few times in the whole year. Is this really what it means to be growing up? 😦

(11) Spend more time with family and catch up with friends. I did get to spend more time with my family especially during the month of June because I had a balikbayan relative who stayed with us for two weeks. Also, my cousin who just graduated college had to leave mid-June to work in the US, so we went out a lot before she left to really take advantage of the time since she’ll be working there for a year. I also got to catch up with my friends but not as often as I hoped. 😦

(12) HAVE FUN! Did I have fun this “summer?” I’m not completely sure. There were times that were so much fun like YTFF but there were also times where I was just all alone at home with nothing to do. But at least I got to start on my dream of having a YouTube channel, right?

In conclusion, my summer 2016 was not at all perfect and not at all what I hoped it would be. But that’s just how life is. It won’t always be sunny and happy, and things won’t always go your way. You just really have to suck it up, roll with the punches, and choose to see life through rose-colored glasses.

La vie en rose.


xo, moira ❀


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