Best Tip to Survive College!

Back when I was a freshie, I was excited to learn new things from my professors for I knew that they were the best of the best in the country (at least in my opinion). It’s already a given that they will teach you the subject, provide lectures, make you take exams (ugh) and what not, but my favorite thing that I always look forward to with them is when they randomly “make kwento” or tell us about any of their life experiences. Aside from it letting the class hours go by without the professor noticing (LOL), what I like about it is that it gives the students a chance to be taught life lessons which can be useful for us in the near future.

Out of all the life lessons I learned from them, one will always stand out to me. My Math 11 prof was the one who said it randomly in his class, and he basically just gave us the greatest tip ever on how to survive college. He said something like this:

“If you want to survive college, don’t do your best. Because, like the song says, sometimes you do your best but your best is not enough. Instead, do what is necessary.”

Now, we may all have different interpretations for it, but mine is this: When we focus on doing our best, sometimes, we tend to stress ourselves out more than we should. You don’t always have to push yourself to the limit because you might reach your breaking point over a small thing. Sure, put your heart into something, but never forget to take your brain with you. Instead of focusing on doing your best, focus on doing the task that is required.Β Baka kasi mapangunahan ka ng takot na di mo magawa best mo, kesa na sana, ginawa mo na kaagad yung task without overthinking it, para di ka na na-sstress, diba? This kind of thinking can really make your college life a lot lighter, so don’t stress out!

Well, that was just a tip on surviving college. However, thriving in college? I will never be exactly sure.

xo, moira ❀


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