I woke up today and the sky was crying, probably because they knew it was going to be your last day on Earth. It hurts my heart to know that our country has just lost the best president we never had. I never knew you personally, but I didn’t need to, because everyone in the Philippines knew your name, and they knew that you are one hell of a great senator, an intelligent and witty woman, and the Iron Lady of Asia. Thank you for serving and loving our country, even if sometimes, it chose not to love you back. Thank you for not giving up on us, and thank you for fighting until the end.

My resume will never comeΒ close to yours, but still, you have inspired me, and so many others, to do things with passion and love, in the right and just way.

Here’s to the woman who “eats death threats for breakfast.” May you rest in peace, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. You’re probably already up there sharing jokes with God, whom you believe has a sense of humor too.

You will always be remembered.


xo, moira ❀


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