Little Miss Moira, or better known as Moira Mercado, is an 18-year old Filipina who loves all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She has decided to start this blog (September 2015) to be able to share her passion about these topics and hopefully inspire other girls to do what they love to do. She mainly writes about fashion and beauty, but she also does monthly favorites and random posts about what’s going on in her life from time to time. Aside from her blog, she also has a YouTube channel wherein she does makeup tutorials, random tags, and vlogs too.

Moira is still a college student taking up BS Architecture at UP Diliman and is currently living in Quezon City, Philippines. She dreams of becoming a successful woman one day — a person who has completely fallen in love with life, a person who has the ability to inspire other people and make them smile, and most of all, a person who is simply happy.

She is a firm believer that if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen. ❤

Feel free to contact her through social media!

Twitter: alyannamoira

Instagram: thatsmoira

Snapchat: thatsmoira

YouTube: Moira Mercado

Email: thatsmoira@gmail.com

Hope you learn a thing or two from Little Miss Moira!


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