Christmas and Birthday Haul!

Hi everyone! Please watch my latest video on YouTube wherein I did a haul of all the presents that I got for Christmas and for my birthday! Don’t forget to hit subscribe too hihi.

And I also just started school yesterday and I already don’t want to go back hahaha! I’m a bit nervous for this upcoming semester, as I always am, but I am still hopeful that I will have a great 2017 ahead of me, so tiwala lang haha.

Thank you so much for watching, MWAH!

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All I Want for Christmas 2016


I am super glad that the holidays are finally upon us and I can’t wait to go out and see all the festive decorations and programs around the city! This also indicates that it’s time for more Christmas-themed posts, or at least try to have more up haha. For my first post this December, I am blogging about my wishlist for Christmas 2016 for I also did this last year. And it’s so funny because in last year’s post (All I Want for Christmas 2015), I talked about how as you get older, the things you want can not be bought anymore. Now I feel like I want to take that back. haha! Well, not really. What I mean is that most of the things on my wishlist now are more like “needs” rather than “wants.” What I’m trying to say is that maybe, as you get older, you’ll learn how to be more practical and smarter when it comes to money-making decisions. Money is there for you to survive, so please, use it wisely! 🙂 Anyway, enough with the intro, here is my Christmas wishlist for the year 2016:


From L to R: (1) Makeup (and not just lipsticks, olrayt? HAHAHA.) (2) Makeup Brushes (for the face and for blending!) (3) Makeup Mirror (4) Makeup Table (5) Makeup Kit (isn’t it obvious that I’m a makeup junkie? haha) (6) Curling Iron


From L to R: (7) Instax flim (8) wireless pink mouse (9) Canon Powershot G7X (10) Ring Light (huhu) (11) New Laptop (the one I’m using now is slowly giving up huhu) (12) Sims 4 City Living (lowkey want a new laptop so that I have enough space to play Sims HAHA)


From L to R: (13) Connect the Dots for Adults (preferably architecture related) (14) Nude school backpack (please!) (15) Clothes from Fudge Rock (they’re just so nice huhu) (16) Swimsuit (17) Pandora charms (18) Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday Barbie doll

2 1/2 weeks left before sembreak and 3 1/2 weeks left ’til the 25th! What about you, what’s your Christmas wish this year? 🙂

xo, moira ❤

Style Icons

Hello everyone! This post has been long overdue. This has been in my drafts section for probably over a month now, and finally, I have gathered the unlaziness to write about this! So here goes. I have been in love with the fashion world ever since I was a little girl. I remember watching Bratz movies and wanting to be as stylish as them. Oo, ganun kababaw ang pangarap ko! haha! But when I went into high school, I didn’t look up to the Bratz dolls anymore and instead, I looked up to real people whom I think has just got some super drop dead gorgeous fashion senses and they carry themselves sooo well! Aside from the usual style icons I love like Audrey Hepburn, Barbie (Barbie pa rin??), and Lucy Hale, I would like to share with you the women whom I also consider as my current style icons. Who knows, maybe they can be your new style icon too! *wink*

1) Vern and Verniece Enciso


Processed with VSCO with f1 preset


 If you read my blog, you would know that I am in love with the fashion senses of these adorable blogger sisters! I remember back in high school, I would literally read each of their respective blogs every single day (because back then, bloggers would post everyday). I would find every OOTD of theirs to be stunning and every twinning outfit of theirs to be so cute but at the same time, really stylish! Vern’s style is more on the classy side, but she makes sure to bring a little bit of sophistication to spice up her outfits. On the other hand, Verniece’s style is straight up girly, reminiscent of what Barbie might wear. I just really love them so much and up until now, I still read their blog! If you want to know more about them, check out their site here:

2) Gabi Demartino


Gabi Demartino is the other half of the infamous YouTube channel, Niki and Gabi. They are gorgeous sisters who have super different styles, and I definitely lean more to Gabi’s style. She loves all things girly and vintage, and I really like how she dresses somewhat differently from the trends that are in right now. She isn’t afraid to look too posh or too pink, because that’s what makes her unique! I would say her fashion sense is a mix of Blair Waldorf, Audrey Hepburn, and the Chanels from Scream Queens. haha! Also, can I just say how much I envy her walk-in closet?? It’s definitely to die for and my little girly girl heart is just screaming for it! #closetgoals Check out her solo YouTube channel here:

3) Heart Evangelista


Heart Evangelista has been known as a very kikay girl ever since she entered the world of showbiz during her teenage years. Now that she’s already a woman welcoming her thirties, she still looks as fabulous as ever! Recently, she has been dressing up in all white outfits and she definitely slays in them! Her fashion choices are always classy, elegant, and most of all gorgeous! I really look up to her and I hope to one day be as successful as she is. ❤ Check out her Instagram account here:

xo, moira ❤

What to Wear with Denim Overalls


Wearing denim overalls can be tricky, especially for someone petite like me. They came back in style around a year or two ago, and I have always been afraid to try this trend. Why? Because if I wear it, it will not make me look stylish, but rather, it will make me look like a freaking seven year old. haha! BUT I think I found a trick to *at least* prevent that from happening. Because let’s face it, even without the jumper, I would still look like a kid because of my height anyway hahaha! Okay, enough with the jokes. Here’s the trick: Wear your denim overalls with a blouse or a crop top, and not a shirt. This will add a bit of maturity to the look, and it lets you have a different take  on the normal shirt and jumper trend.


I love how this outfit made me feel like a real life Barbie doll! My cousin even told me that I dressed as if I was Donnalyn Bartolome HAHAHA.


I wore a white bandana headband to add some flair and achieve a really girly look. And let’s be real, accessories really do complete an outfit! It’s not always about the clothes. Sometimes, it can be about your accessories.


This outfit actually also reminded me of Verniece Enciso, a fashion blogger who is a girly girl just like me! Also, I did a blog post previously which featured this same jumper, but I had a different take on it. To see and read more about that, click here: The First Fitting


Top from Kurumi, Jumper from Fudge Rock, Shoes from Converse

I have around one week left of school and I am sooo excited to be done with it! And right when the school year finishes, I will be attending #YTFFManila2016 and I seriously can’t wait anymore! I still need to win tickets though, so I can bring my best friend, who I haven’t seen since January, along with me. I miss her so much. 😦 Wish me luck?

xo, moira ❤

#MoiraIs18: Same Day Edit Video


And here it is! The final post for #MoiraIs18. This is the same day edit video made by Nice Print Photography for my debut and whenever I watch this, I always get kilig for some reason. haha! Watch the link here below. 🙂

Watch out for my April Favorites 2016 post next and I’m back to fashion posts after that! God bless everyone!!! ❤

xo, moira ❤

#MoiraIs18: My Barbie Themed Debut


Get ready for a lengthy post filled with pictures from my debut which happened last January 9, 2016 at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel! This will likely be a storytelling version of my 18th birthday party. So if you’re interested, then keep on reading! 🙂


My invites were designed by Nikki Santos, the sister of Patricia Santos, who designed my gown. I had a Barbie themed party so instead of the usual titles for the 18 traditions (like 18 candles, 18 treasures, 18 roses), I spiced it up and changed them to 18 Kelly’s, 18 Millicent’s, and 18 Ken’s to go with the theme of the celebration. 🙂


This was one of the souvenirs I gave away during the party. It is actually a red velvet cake inside a jar, and it was really delicious! We ordered it from the Sweet Tooth Hub on IG if I’m not mistaken.


While I was getting ready, One Sweet Day PH, our event stylist, was already setting up for the event. I told them that I wanted everything to be pink, and I also wanted that the stage backdrop would be similar to the one from Marian Rivera’s baby shower as it was one of my pegs. They did a superb job of styling the event, and I highly recommend that you check them out! They were also the ones who designed the dessert bar and the lifesize Barbie box, and those turned out really great as well! Two thumbs up!!


Of course, before the actual event, we had to do a photoshoot so I am now presenting to you pictures of my awkward self! HAHA! But can my hair and eyebrows be as on fleek as this every day please??


My best friends “helping” me get ready. hahaha


Look! It’s the royal family HAHAHAH. And yes, I am an only child.


Time for the grand entrance! I think we started the actual event around 8 pm already.


I am greeted on stage by the host, Denise Yalung. My mom found out about her on YouTube and thought that her vibes fit perfectly to the theme of my birthday. 🙂 And then it was immediately time for the 18 Ken’s, aka 18 Roses!


Save the best dance for last, my dad! naks


After that, we went straight to taking group photos by table number. Here are some of them.


While the guests were having dinner, my high school friends, Anne and Alex, performed a special song number for me! Anne sang Reflection and Be Alright, and I cannot stress enough how angelic her voice is!!! She is honestly my third fave singer next to Lea Salonga and Ariana Grande. On the other hand, Alex is the one who played the guitar and she is also bursting with talent!!!


Up next was the 18 Kelly’s, aka 18 candles. Instead of the usual candle, we used mini fondant cakes instead (because honestly I am really afraid of fire for they can be the cause of big disasters!! haha).


After that was the 18 Millicent’s, aka 18 Treasures. This part of the program felt like it was Christmas all over again! haha


Then it was time to blow the candles!


After that, I went out of the room to change into my next dress. So my cousin Myka sang three songs for the intermission, and she was later joined by Kayla, a family friend of ours. Once I came back, I performed a dance number with my best friends to the tunes of Problem and Focus by Ariana Grande.


Then it was time for the closing remarks. My parents said their speeches and gave me their gift, which was a Pandora bracelet! I honestly did not see that coming because one of those cost a lot of money, but they already knew I wanted to own one for the longest time. Thank you Mommy and Daddy! And thank you also for paying for everything HAHAHA. I also gave my thank you speech at the end of the event, and it was time for the afterparty!


^ A picture of me with Miss Maja, our event coordinator!


I decided to include in this post a list of all the people and companies which helped make my dream debut come to life! If ever you’re also throwing a debut or a party, check them out!

Hair and Makeup by Make up by Chu Salud
Gown and Dress by Patricia Santos
Invitation by Nikki Santos
Cake by Dexter’s Bakeshop and Coffee Shop
Event Styling by One Sweet Day Ph
Event Coordination by Eventcetera Events
Photos by Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings

xo, moira ❤


#MoiraIs18: My Debutante Gown


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wondered what my debutante gown would look like someday. Before, I wanted a silver embellished gown so that I would literally be the star of the night! It would look something similar to Glinda’s gown from Wicked or Verniece Enciso’s gown during her own 18th birthday party. But last year, I decided that I wanted everything about my debut to be in pink, because trust me, that color really defines me, to the point that I am the first person my friends think of when they see something pink. haha! However, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted my gown to look like. Luckily, Patricia Santos, the fabulous woman who designed my gown, came up with a great vision of the dress of my dreams! I am so happy that I chose her because the details she puts into her designs are so beautiful and intricate, and every dress she makes has something unique and special about it. If you didn’t know, Patricia Santos is a young fashion designer, who has made gowns for celebrities like Kim Chiu, Kathryn Bernardo, Zsa Zsa Padilla, and more!



This was her initial sketch (on the spot!) when we first met with her and I immediately fell in love with her design. ❤


I had around 4 to 5 fittings for my dresses and the picture above is from my second one.


We also asked Patricia to design a dress for my baby cousin, Julianna, so that she would be my mini-me during the celebration. Her dress turned out to be so cute and adorable!


A picture with the fabulous designer behind my dress! 🙂


Finally, the finished product!


Look at those details though! Patricia also added some laser cut butterflies to the dress to go with the theme of my debut which was Barbie.


She also designed this purse to go with my gown!





This was the second dress I wore during my debut. I wanted it to be in Barbie pink and it was the one I used for my dance number. I actually secretly wished that she would design something that was similar to Yaya Dub’s dress during the Bulaga Pa More finals, and OMG SHE READ MY MIND! The first time I saw this dress, my eyes really lit up and I couldn’t take the smile off my face because it looked so Sharpay-ed! And I would definitely wear anything that Sharpay Evans would wear. 😉


Again, that detail though!


Gown, Dress and Purse designed by Patricia Santos, Earrings from Jacatel, Silver Heels from Gibi, Black Sneaker Wedges from Skechers, Pink Wedges from Carmelletes

I felt like a princess during my debut, all thanks to the beautiful gown and dress I wore that night. ❤ More #MoiraIs18 posts to come!!!

Check out my previous post: #MoiraIs18: Predebut Shoot

xo, moira ❤