Christmas and Birthday Haul!

Hi everyone! Please watch my latest video on YouTube wherein I did a haul of all the presents that I got for Christmas and for my birthday! Don’t forget to hit subscribe too hihi.

And I also just started school yesterday and I already don’t want to go back hahaha! I’m a bit nervous for this upcoming semester, as I always am, but I am still hopeful that I will have a great 2017 ahead of me, so tiwala lang haha.

Thank you so much for watching, MWAH!

xo, moira ❤


All I Want for Christmas 2016


I am super glad that the holidays are finally upon us and I can’t wait to go out and see all the festive decorations and programs around the city! This also indicates that it’s time for more Christmas-themed posts, or at least try to have more up haha. For my first post this December, I am blogging about my wishlist for Christmas 2016 for I also did this last year. And it’s so funny because in last year’s post (All I Want for Christmas 2015), I talked about how as you get older, the things you want can not be bought anymore. Now I feel like I want to take that back. haha! Well, not really. What I mean is that most of the things on my wishlist now are more like “needs” rather than “wants.” What I’m trying to say is that maybe, as you get older, you’ll learn how to be more practical and smarter when it comes to money-making decisions. Money is there for you to survive, so please, use it wisely! 🙂 Anyway, enough with the intro, here is my Christmas wishlist for the year 2016:


From L to R: (1) Makeup (and not just lipsticks, olrayt? HAHAHA.) (2) Makeup Brushes (for the face and for blending!) (3) Makeup Mirror (4) Makeup Table (5) Makeup Kit (isn’t it obvious that I’m a makeup junkie? haha) (6) Curling Iron


From L to R: (7) Instax flim (8) wireless pink mouse (9) Canon Powershot G7X (10) Ring Light (huhu) (11) New Laptop (the one I’m using now is slowly giving up huhu) (12) Sims 4 City Living (lowkey want a new laptop so that I have enough space to play Sims HAHA)


From L to R: (13) Connect the Dots for Adults (preferably architecture related) (14) Nude school backpack (please!) (15) Clothes from Fudge Rock (they’re just so nice huhu) (16) Swimsuit (17) Pandora charms (18) Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday Barbie doll

2 1/2 weeks left before sembreak and 3 1/2 weeks left ’til the 25th! What about you, what’s your Christmas wish this year? 🙂

xo, moira ❤

HUGE Fashion and Beauty Haul!

“The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell.” A completely irrelevant quote but I just wanted to say it. haha!

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June Favorites 2016


(1) Black Choker from Fudge Rock. When chokers first became a trend, I found them really weird because they remind me of like third grade students so I did not get at all why they became popular. But now, there are more choker designs that are coming out and I love how some of them even give off girly vibes. I don’t know, there’s just something about wearing chokers that makes me feel a little bit more confident..

(2) Uncharted. I FREAKING LOVE THE UNCHARTED SERIES! If you didn’t know, I love playing Tomb Raider because Lara Croft is just so badass yet intelligent at the same time. And Nathan Drake, from Uncharted, actually reminds me of a male version of Lara. What I love about this game is its plot twists and the characters’ sense of humor, especially Nate’s! Nate and Elena are also GOALS! I also love how the game’s motto is “SIC PARVIS MAGNA,” which means “greatness from small beginnings.” I don’t know, it’s just really a lovely and hopeful saying. My favorites from the Uncharted series would have to be the first and the fourth games. I really hope they make a fifth one with *spoiler alert* Nate and Elena’s daughter! I definitely recommend that you play Uncharted if you also love video games.

(3) Monopoly Deal. I love playing this card game with my cousins because it can get so intense sometimes, but don’t worry, wala namang napipikon. This is why I love playing card or board games. They can bring out your competitive side but never to a point that you would actually feel bad if you lost because the joy it brings and the quality time you spend with your family and friends is what matters at the end of the day.

(4) Party Flippo. This is an app which is exactly the same as Pinoy Henyo, a popular guessing game here in the Philippines. It’s like the Filipino version of Charades/Taboo. I also love playing this one with my cousins! And yes, even if we are quite old for games, we still enjoy them a lot and we are not ashamed. haha!

(5) Icon Pop Quiz. I decided to download this app once again because it’s been such a long time since I played it. This game is so addicting, but too bad they didn’t release a newer version. sigh

(6) Barefoot Contessa. I have no idea why I have been watching cooking shows on YouTube. Well, I have been watching Barefoot Contessa on TV when I was a kid. There’s just something about Ina that makes you feel so relaxed and her voice is absolutely soothing. She makes me want to start to learn how to cook, but let’s face it, I might never even learn how to cook. haha!

(7) Born for You. OHMYGOD!!! I have been addicted to this TV show ever since it started. I feel like I am going to fall in love with Sam and Kevin’s story and the way Kevin looks and talks to Sam makes my heart melt every freaking time!!! Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador have an undeniable chemistry, and I really hope that their loveteam will be as successful as the three main loveteams on ABS-CBN today. My favorite line from the show so far is “It’s not Japan. It’s you.” AAAAAHHHHHH KILIG SOBRAAA. Plus!! One thing I love about Born for You is the concept of the red string of fate, which is a belief in Japan that ever since you were born, there is already an invisible red string wrapped around your finger and it connects you to the person you were meant to spend your life with. It really makes people hopeful that someday, destiny will truly bring us to the person meant for us.

(8) English Only, Please. This is such a cute and funny movie! Derek Ramsay’s American accent makes me laugh and my favorite line from the movie would have to be “Ang taong di marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, lumaki sa ibang bansa!” HAHAHAHAHA dami kong tawa dun.

(9) Notting Hill. I finally got to watch this film and honestly, I was just waiting for Julia Roberts to say her famous line which is “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” What I also loved about this movie is that it’s very relaxing to watch and it made me miss the vibes that old movies give off. AND when When You Say Nothing At All played in the background, my heart just melted.

(10) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. The moment this movie started, I was immediately drawn to it. The lead characters were just so good-looking yet smart at the same time. I love the plot twists in the movie and their love story just makes me really kilig! haha!

(11) She’s the Man. Let me start by saying that Amanda Bynes looks so cute in this movie, especially when she tries so hard to act like a boy. haha! Even if this has been released years ago, it is still very timely when it comes to issues of today like sexism. It really showed that we should never underestimate the talents and skills of a person based only on their gender. I really enjoyed this movie, and I definitely think that you should watch this too!

(12) Maniwala Ka by Donnalyn Bartolome. I have no idea why I enjoy Donnalyn’s songs so much. But when I first heard this song, Maniwala Ka, it really felt like she was talking to me because I guess I’m at a point in my life where I don’t really feel confident and I have a pretty low self-esteem nowadays. Call it baduy or jologs or what, but when you listen to the lyrics, it really makes sense and the message of the song really stands out to me, which is why I like it.

xo, moira ❤

3 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket (Part 2: Edgy)


Denim jackets can be very versatile. In my last post, I showed you how to style them in a girly way (3 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket (Part 1: Girly)), and yet now, I got to style it in an edgy way, and if you ask me, girly is sooo far from edgy! This just proves how a denim jacket can be styled differently from time to time. For this outfit, I paired mine with black and white colors because you can never go wrong with B&W! I wore a printed shirt underneath it to contrast its plain design, and I added black sneaker wedges, a black choker necklace, and put my hair in a top bun to complete the edgy look I wanted to achieve. Style tip: Wearing black rubber shoes/sneakers/boots will instantly give your outfit a tougher look.


Top from Aeropostale, Denim Jacket from H&M, Shorts from Cotton On, Shoes from Skechers, Choker from Fudge Rock

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the dads out there! Especially to my Daddy and my Lolo!

Quick Story: I have been feeling quite down lately and more anxious than usual. I think it’s because I badly want to do something productive this summer because I don’t want to feel like I wasted all this free time away. I actually have been thinking of making YouTube videos because it has always been a secret dream of mine to start on them, but I don’t know if I can handle it. Hay, I need to stop overthinking everything. lol.

I hope we all have a fantastic and fruitful week ahead!

xo, moira ❤

What to Wear on a Lazy Day


And I am finally back! It has been a while since my last post because the past days have been “busy.” I spent them having quality time with my family because one, we have a balikbayan relative staying at our house right now and two, there was a kiddie birthday party here last night and I, together with my cousins, had to entertain the kids by playing a bunch of games. Trust me, taking care of children is not the easiest thing in the world! But finally, I got to spend this day shopping with my parents and this is what I wore because I was feeling too lazy to bother with dressing pretty and really put together.


Yes, I finally got to buy a shirt dress which is surprisingly not too long for me! I literally just bought it two days ago and I already wanted to wear it because it was just so comfortable, which makes it the perfect outfit to wear on a lazy day.


I paired it with a choker necklace that I also got just two days ago, to add some edge to this ensemble. To my surprise, wearing it didn’t bother me as much as I think it would. And no, it did not choke me. HAHAHA. (Also, lowkey felt like Andrea Brillantes because of the choker and I’m not sure why?? lol)


And of course, I paired the dress with some comfy white sneakers, which literally goes with every outfit by the way!!


Dress: Greenhills, Shoes: Mango, Choker Necklace: Fudge Rock, Sunnies: Penshoppe

What’s your go to lazy day outfit? 🙂

xo, moira ❤

My Black and White World


And I am finally back to fashion posts! I wore this to the mall around two weeks ago when I was trying to find white sneakers but failed miserably huhuhu. I hate it so much when I decide to shop on a specific day, but then it would turn out that I would go out of the mall empty-handed because there was nothing nice in the stores! BUT when I decide to just window shop because broke lol, that’s the time when there are a lot of cute things on sale! How annoying, right? haha! Have you ever experienced anything like that? 🙂


I love this white vest that I recently bought from the Trendsetter’s Bazaar! Wearing white really makes you look cleaner and more elegant. Amor Powers lang? lol


I also started to try wearing a cat-eye look along with white eyeliner, just to experiment on what would suit my features and my liking best.


Top from I. Candy, Vest from Trendsetter’s Bazaar, Shorts from Fudge Rock, Shoes from Cotton On

3 WEEKS TO GO BEFORE FREEDOM. To be honest, I am sooo stressed and overwhelmed with the remaining requirements for this semester, and I constantly find myself wanting to break down but nooo! I have to believe in myself that I can do this and get pass through this because God will never leave me to face these challenges alone. Konting push na lang, Moira! Kaya mo ‘yan. Kaya natin ‘to.

xo, moira ❤