How to Look Fresh and Blooming!

Hi everyone! I just uploaded a new video and it would mean the world to me if you go and check it out! It’s a simple makeup tutorial on how to look young, fresh, and blooming. So if you’re interested, please go ahead and watch it!

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December Favorites 2016!

Hi everyone and I am back with my final installment of favorites for the year 2016! Please give it a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to hit subscribe! Thank you sooo much for watching, mwah!


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August Favorites 2016


(1) Happy Skin x Love Marie Lippies. I am a big fan of Heart Evangelista’s makeup book (which I even raved about here), so when I saw that she released her own line of lippies in partnership with Happy Skin, a trustworthy and promising local makeup brand, I immediately knew that I wanted to get them! I was so happy to also learn that they were matte, and they even came in white containers, which definitely screamed Love Marie! These lippies have really great quality and I definitely recommend it to all the Filipina beauty junkies out there!

I even used the Happy Skin x Love Marie lippies in my latest video! #shamelessplug HAHA

(2) McDonald’s BBQ flavored Shake Shake Fries. OHMYGOD I was overjoyed when I saw on TV that McDo has brought back their Shake Shake Fries!!! I kid you not, I have probably been eating them once or twice a week ever since they came out because they’re just sooo good. Hay, unhealthy living huhu.

(3) Sabrina. I have planned to watch this movie for the longest time but I was just never in the mood to watch a full length black and white film lately. What did trigger (LOL trigger) me to finally see it is when Gabi DeMartino talked about it in one of her vlogs, saying that it’s one of her favorite movies because it taught her to “see life through rose-colored glasses.” It made me interested to watch Sabrina and ohmygod Audrey Hepburn is just gorgeous! The film also inspired me to see the bright side of life and that if Sabrina can go from being depressed to being confident, then I definitely can too! haha!

(4) Girl Meets the Real World. OHMYGOD this show gives me the freaking feels every freaking time!!! Personally, this was probably their best episode yet, lesson-wise and acting-wise (esp from Rowan!). It basically talked about a debate if people are naturally good or naturally evil. And ironically, Riley being the positive one in the show, had to prove that people are naturally evil. So she did a lot of thinking and realizing and what not, and her answer during the debate BLEW MY MIND. I did not expect an answer like that, esp coming from a Disney show lol, but anyway, this episode really made me realize that life is all about perspective. Who knows if people are actually good or evil? But at the end of the day, it’s what you choose to see and believe in this world that will dictate how you live your life.

(5) Pretty Little Liars The DArkest Knight. PLL has this thing wherein they give you “okay” episodes and then when it’s the finale, they’re gonna go ALL OUT. And that’s exactly what happened with their latest episode, which probably had the grossest and most morbid scene ever. (As in grabe talaga!!!) And now I have to wait until April 2017 for Season 7B??? Huhu asan hustisya 😦 Plus, it’s gonna be their last 10 episodes next year. Ugh, I can’t believe I’m gonna say goodbye to my fave TV show soon. 😦

(6) Encantadia. During the first episodes of Encantadia, I was a little bit iffy about this remake since you basically already know what’s gonna happen since it is a remake. But now, they’re finally exploring the sequel parts of the series and I am so engaged!! I find their Enchanta language so cool and unique and I am finally starting to understand every character and event in the series and I love how this fantaserye has parallels in real life. Also, can I just say that Kylie Padilla looks so freaking good in her warrior suit (super toned body tho!) and Mikee Quintos, who plays the role of Mila/Lira, is so adorable!

(7) Mars: Friendly vs. Flirty. I randomly watched this video on YouTube since it had an interesting title and it left me laughing real hard! Until now, I still can’t get over how Ogie Alcasid kept saying “I love you” throughout the first part of the video. LOL.

(8) Closer ft. Halsey by the Chainsmokers. I just love how catchy this song is and every time I hear it, it makes me wanna either get up and dance, or just nod along and chill. HAHAHA.


(9) Pokemon GO. I was never really a fan of Pokemon when I was younger, but this app really made me curious so I went with the bandwagon. I really enjoyed it at first since it was fun seeing random Pokemons roaming around random places in the Philippines. But now, I really don’t get to play it that much anymore since I don’t always have wifi on my phone. sadlyf haha


xo, moira ❤


Full Face Using Lipsticks Challenge!

Hi everyone! It’s been five days since my last blog post, and I would have to blame it on my schoolwork (what’s new) since we already had an exam two days ago. It hasn’t even been a month since school started and we’re already taking up exams! I have another exam on Tuesday HUHUHU. Okay, enough with the ranting.

I had a lot of fun doing this video because it was really challenging to come up with a makeup look using lipsticks only, but I think it turned out fine! Please check it out and don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you so much for watching!

P.S. Never be afraid to sparkle ❤

xo, moira ❤

My Current Favorite Makeup Items


Hello everyone! So today, I am going to be sharing with you my current favorite makeup items. But let me start by saying that I don’t really own a lot of products because I don’t have all the money in the world! I’m only a college student and I don’t have a job, so almost everything I own are bought by my parents. That is why when buying items, or makeup items in particular, I make sure that they are good quality products so that I don’t just waste money. And now, I am going to tell you a few of my favorite makeup items or should I say, holy grail products. haha!


(1) Maybelline ClearSmooth All in One Shine Free Cake Powder. I actually got this as a gift from one of my friends because she knew that I love makeup. I was really excited to try this because I know that Maybelline has a reputation for selling affordable yet good quality products. And I must say that they did not disappoint! Whenever I use this, I notice that my skin looks livelier and a little lighter than usual, and I really like that kind of effect. I use this whenever I am going out to the mall or a restaurant. It comes with a sponge but as you can see, I’ve already used that way too much. haha!


(2) Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer in Light/Medium. I love this concealer because it really brightens up my face and makes me look like I’ve had enough sleep!

(3) Elf Correcting Concealer. At first, I actually thought that this was a brightening concealer but I noticed that it was more in the orange tone and that’s when I realized that it was used to correct dark undereyes. I usually use this together with my Covergirl concealer if I feel like my eyebags are not happy at all. haha!


(4) Benefit Porefessional Primer. I have heard a lot of YouTubers rave about this product and that got me really interested. However, it is no secret that Benefit products are on the pricier side, that’s why I only got the small one. I love using this primer because I feel and look more awake when I have it on.

(5) Benefit They’re Real Mascara. I really love this mascara because it does an amazing job in making your eyelashes stand out and how I wish that I will never run out of this!


(6) City Color Barely Exposed Palette. I got this as a gift from my tita during my birthday and I really love this palette because it contains pigmented neutral shades. I actually think that this can be a dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked palettes which are a lot pricier than this one.


(7) Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. I have been on the lookout for a white eyeliner for the longest time and finally, I found this one! It is very much pigmented and can also be used as an eyeshadow base if you want.

(8) Prestige Eyeliner in Black. I love this simply because it is sooo pigmented. What more can you ask for, right?

(9) Maybelline Fashion Brow Cream Pencil in Brown. I love using this when I am filling in my eyebrows because it is easy to use and you can really work your way slowly but surely with this product.


(10) BH Cosmetics That’s Heart Palette. This is my absolute favorite makeup palette! Heart Defensor, or more commonly known as ThatsHeart, is the creator of this palette and I was so excited to try it because I really identify well with her personality. Its packaging is enough to make me love it! haha! My favorite part of this palette would have to be the blush because it is sooo pink and it really gives my cheeks that sweet and rosy finish that all girls want.

(11) Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzer Duo. This is what I always use to contour and I love how the blush and the bronzer really complement each other. I use them together when I am going for a neutral look or some bold red lips.


(12) Baby Lips Electro Pop. I use this everyday when I go to school because it gives color to the lips without going overboard! Definitely a must try!

(13) Fanny Serrano Moisturific Lipstick in Coco Copper. I love using this loop when I go for a natural look and it is very moisturizing at the same time.

(14) Maybelline Lipstick in Fifth Ave. Fuchsia. I just absolutely love the shade of this lipstick! Need I say more?

(15) Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me in First Kiss. I love using this together with my Avon lipstick to create the perfect Barbie pink lips!


What are your favorite makeup items that you think are a must try? Share them with me so I can check them out too! 🙂

xo, moira ❤