How to Look Fresh and Blooming!

Hi everyone! I just uploaded a new video and it would mean the world to me if you go and check it out! It’s a simple makeup tutorial on how to look young, fresh, and blooming. So if you’re interested, please go ahead and watch it!

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Style Icons

Hello everyone! This post has been long overdue. This has been in my drafts section for probably over a month now, and finally, I have gathered the unlaziness to write about this! So here goes. I have been in love with the fashion world ever since I was a little girl. I remember watching Bratz movies and wanting to be as stylish as them. Oo, ganun kababaw ang pangarap ko! haha! But when I went into high school, I didn’t look up to the Bratz dolls anymore and instead, I looked up to real people whom I think has just got some super drop dead gorgeous fashion senses and they carry themselves sooo well! Aside from the usual style icons I love like Audrey Hepburn, Barbie (Barbie pa rin??), and Lucy Hale, I would like to share with you the women whom I also consider as my current style icons. Who knows, maybe they can be your new style icon too! *wink*

1) Vern and Verniece Enciso


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 If you read my blog, you would know that I am in love with the fashion senses of these adorable blogger sisters! I remember back in high school, I would literally read each of their respective blogs every single day (because back then, bloggers would post everyday). I would find every OOTD of theirs to be stunning and every twinning outfit of theirs to be so cute but at the same time, really stylish! Vern’s style is more on the classy side, but she makes sure to bring a little bit of sophistication to spice up her outfits. On the other hand, Verniece’s style is straight up girly, reminiscent of what Barbie might wear. I just really love them so much and up until now, I still read their blog! If you want to know more about them, check out their site here:

2) Gabi Demartino


Gabi Demartino is the other half of the infamous YouTube channel, Niki and Gabi. They are gorgeous sisters who have super different styles, and I definitely lean more to Gabi’s style. She loves all things girly and vintage, and I really like how she dresses somewhat differently from the trends that are in right now. She isn’t afraid to look too posh or too pink, because that’s what makes her unique! I would say her fashion sense is a mix of Blair Waldorf, Audrey Hepburn, and the Chanels from Scream Queens. haha! Also, can I just say how much I envy her walk-in closet?? It’s definitely to die for and my little girly girl heart is just screaming for it! #closetgoals Check out her solo YouTube channel here:

3) Heart Evangelista


Heart Evangelista has been known as a very kikay girl ever since she entered the world of showbiz during her teenage years. Now that she’s already a woman welcoming her thirties, she still looks as fabulous as ever! Recently, she has been dressing up in all white outfits and she definitely slays in them! Her fashion choices are always classy, elegant, and most of all gorgeous! I really look up to her and I hope to one day be as successful as she is. ❤ Check out her Instagram account here:

xo, moira ❤

August Favorites 2016


(1) Happy Skin x Love Marie Lippies. I am a big fan of Heart Evangelista’s makeup book (which I even raved about here), so when I saw that she released her own line of lippies in partnership with Happy Skin, a trustworthy and promising local makeup brand, I immediately knew that I wanted to get them! I was so happy to also learn that they were matte, and they even came in white containers, which definitely screamed Love Marie! These lippies have really great quality and I definitely recommend it to all the Filipina beauty junkies out there!

I even used the Happy Skin x Love Marie lippies in my latest video! #shamelessplug HAHA

(2) McDonald’s BBQ flavored Shake Shake Fries. OHMYGOD I was overjoyed when I saw on TV that McDo has brought back their Shake Shake Fries!!! I kid you not, I have probably been eating them once or twice a week ever since they came out because they’re just sooo good. Hay, unhealthy living huhu.

(3) Sabrina. I have planned to watch this movie for the longest time but I was just never in the mood to watch a full length black and white film lately. What did trigger (LOL trigger) me to finally see it is when Gabi DeMartino talked about it in one of her vlogs, saying that it’s one of her favorite movies because it taught her to “see life through rose-colored glasses.” It made me interested to watch Sabrina and ohmygod Audrey Hepburn is just gorgeous! The film also inspired me to see the bright side of life and that if Sabrina can go from being depressed to being confident, then I definitely can too! haha!

(4) Girl Meets the Real World. OHMYGOD this show gives me the freaking feels every freaking time!!! Personally, this was probably their best episode yet, lesson-wise and acting-wise (esp from Rowan!). It basically talked about a debate if people are naturally good or naturally evil. And ironically, Riley being the positive one in the show, had to prove that people are naturally evil. So she did a lot of thinking and realizing and what not, and her answer during the debate BLEW MY MIND. I did not expect an answer like that, esp coming from a Disney show lol, but anyway, this episode really made me realize that life is all about perspective. Who knows if people are actually good or evil? But at the end of the day, it’s what you choose to see and believe in this world that will dictate how you live your life.

(5) Pretty Little Liars The DArkest Knight. PLL has this thing wherein they give you “okay” episodes and then when it’s the finale, they’re gonna go ALL OUT. And that’s exactly what happened with their latest episode, which probably had the grossest and most morbid scene ever. (As in grabe talaga!!!) And now I have to wait until April 2017 for Season 7B??? Huhu asan hustisya 😦 Plus, it’s gonna be their last 10 episodes next year. Ugh, I can’t believe I’m gonna say goodbye to my fave TV show soon. 😦

(6) Encantadia. During the first episodes of Encantadia, I was a little bit iffy about this remake since you basically already know what’s gonna happen since it is a remake. But now, they’re finally exploring the sequel parts of the series and I am so engaged!! I find their Enchanta language so cool and unique and I am finally starting to understand every character and event in the series and I love how this fantaserye has parallels in real life. Also, can I just say that Kylie Padilla looks so freaking good in her warrior suit (super toned body tho!) and Mikee Quintos, who plays the role of Mila/Lira, is so adorable!

(7) Mars: Friendly vs. Flirty. I randomly watched this video on YouTube since it had an interesting title and it left me laughing real hard! Until now, I still can’t get over how Ogie Alcasid kept saying “I love you” throughout the first part of the video. LOL.

(8) Closer ft. Halsey by the Chainsmokers. I just love how catchy this song is and every time I hear it, it makes me wanna either get up and dance, or just nod along and chill. HAHAHA.


(9) Pokemon GO. I was never really a fan of Pokemon when I was younger, but this app really made me curious so I went with the bandwagon. I really enjoyed it at first since it was fun seeing random Pokemons roaming around random places in the Philippines. But now, I really don’t get to play it that much anymore since I don’t always have wifi on my phone. sadlyf haha


xo, moira ❤


What I Learned from Love

Heart Evangelista, a well-known actress here in the Philippines, recently released her own book entitled “This is Me, Love Marie.” The book is mainly about makeup and skincare secrets that Heart uses to achieve her super healthy and glowing skin! I finally got my own copy last week and I absolutely fell in love with it!


Being the girly girl that I am, I was so happy to learn more on how to use makeup properly and how to take good care of my skin. This book was very informative and it really helped that the book contained a lot of visuals, and not just words. It also reminded me of Michelle Phan’s book, but the difference between them is that this one is much shorter and concise.


Anyway, if you want to learn more about makeup, skincare, beauty, lifestyle, and all that jazz, I definitely recommend that you check out this book! Its selling price is P295, and I think it can be bought at all book stores nationwide.


Out of all the tips that Heart mentioned in her book, I listed ten of them down below just to give you an idea of what you would find if ever you decide to grab your own copy. So, these are the things that I learned from Love.. Love Marie. 😉

  1. Try to sleep straight so you won’t squish your face and cause wrinkles in the long run. (This is a skincare secret that people rarely mention! I’m starting to think that the reason I get more pimples on the sides of my face is because I always sleep on my side, with pillows covering both of my ears. I guess I need to start sleeping straight now! haha!)
  2. Know your face shape. It’s the key to perfecting your makeup look! (The way you do your eyebrows, contour, and blush all depends on your face shape!)


3. Spend on skincare, save on makeup. Because if your skin is already nice, then you don’t really need much. (I love this tip! It makes so much sense. I think it’s a common misconception that we need to put on a lot of makeup to cover our imperfections. But the truth is, what we should really focus on is taking care of our skin, rather than learning how to hide our real skin through makeup.)

4. Layer products in this order: cleanser -> toner -> serum -> eye cream -> moisturizer -> sunblock


5. In relation to no. 4: Let each layer of product set on your skin before moving on to the next item. In between applications, let at least three minutes pass.

6. Make sure the girl wears the dress, not the other way around. (I also love this tip! No matter how fancy or how nice your outfit is, if you don’t know how to carry it well, then it’s no use. To dress up must also mean to be confident in the clothes you’re wearing and to carry it well. Always remember that!)


7. Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn’t smile back. -Grace Kelly (YES, ABSOLUTELY.)

8. If you look at some supermodels, their features aren’t perfect, but they’re beautiful because they’re oozing with sex appeal and confidence. That’s what makes you truly beautiful. (Confidence is what makes you truly attractive! So true!)


9. It’s who you are and who you end up becoming that makes you truly beautiful. (Although outer beauty matters to a certain extent, it will never be as important as the beauty inside.)

10. Always be true to yourself and never wear a mask! Be happy with what you see in the mirror and the rest will follow. (Learning to love your physical features will lead to confidence, and that will soon lead to becoming truly beautiful.)


xo, moira ❤