Hi everyone! Today, I decided to blog about how I celebrated my 19th birthday last January 9 because as weird as it may sound, I really did not expect for me to be super happy during that day. Mygahd Moira tigilan mo ang pagiging emosyonal mo! haha! So here’s what went down.

I originally planned on seeing my best friends during my birthday and just chill and film fun videos with them. However, I already felt like it wasn’t going to push through as I wasn’t sure if our schedules would meet. And then, I suddenly read an announcement on Facebook regarding my enrollment last Sunday. I supposedly only needed to go to UP on January 10 but since my adviser couldn’t make it that day, I had to see her on January 9 instead. But I would still need to go back on January 10 for validation and for paying my tuition. When I read that announcement, I literally shouted “HA????” as it was so last minute and instead of hanging out with my friends, I needed to go to school on my birthday so that I can enroll?? Ang lungkot kasi na-hassle pa ko sa birthday ko! But I had to remind myself to stop being so dramatic about it because it’s not the end of the world, hello! So I just accepted that fact for I don’t want to get affected by petty reasons anymore.

It’s a good thing that my parents and I also went to a reunion with their college barkada at Timberland last Sunday because I finally got to go swimming again and forget about all the stress! Plus, masarap pa ang food! I got to unwind there and I realized that despite of all the things that weren’t going my way, my life is still blessed and amazing if only I looked at the brighter side of it.


When the clock struck midnight, I immediately greeted myself with a Happy Birthday and even faked a smile because I wanted to change my mindset and just be happy. My parents then came into my room to greet me too! And suddenly, a few friends also began to greet me online and I honestly did not expect that for I felt like they would be too lazy to actually wait for 12 midnight and already have a birthday message for me HAHA.

Then as planned, I went to school real early in the morning and I was surprisingly first in line! Himala! After that, I immediately went home and played The Last of Us all afternoon and I had no regrets! When it was already night time, I got ready for my mini birthday celebration.


Wow may pa-glam shot pa si ate gurl! HAHAHA. 


The food was so freaking delicious that night and I had an amazing time hanging out with my cousins. Some family and friends also greeted me online and some even personally messaged me on Facebook and sobrang na-touch ako kasi swear, di ko talaga inexpect! Before I knew it, I went to bed with a happy heart and a smile that couldn’t be erased. 🙂

I really thought that I would be crying on my birthday (HAHA) because of all the things that were making me sad but instead, I was actually genuinely happy. Just when you think that your life is falling apart, it suddenly has a funny way of letting you know that it is totally not! I also realized that there really are a lot of people who care for me and who still remember me on my special day.

Remember, always look at the brighter side of life. It’s way more fun there. 😉

xo, moira ❤


How to Make a Friendship Last Forever


Six years ago (June 2010), we were freshies who were excited to explore the new world of high school. We were all classmates, and though we knew each other’s names and faces, we were never really that close. I even remember that my first impressions of them were “feeler,” “feeler,” and “too corny.” HAHAHA. And what’s funny is that they also didn’t like me too back then! During freshman year, we were frenemies. Yes, we were friends, but we also secretly hated each other due to petty reasons like “Inaagaw niya yung friends ko,” or “Bakit lagi na lang siya yung kasama ninyo,” or “Di ko lang talaga siya ka-vibes.” Grabe, sobrang high school ng mga problema!

Fast forward to our last months during our senior year, we became inseparable. We loved spending time with each other, whether we were doing group works together, eating lunch together, or just simply making endless kwentos at the corridors or the school parking lot. We knew that our high school journey was about to end, so we wanted to make the most out of it before we go our different ways. It’s so crazy to think how a person that you didn’t initially like suddenly becomes the best friend that you can’t live without.

Fast forward to today, we are now all juniors in different colleges who have only seen each other less than ten times last year. I hate how we don’t get to spend as much time together as before, but what I love is how when we do see each other, it’s like nothing changed. They’re still my best friends who I can have deep talks with in the middle of the night, who I can laugh with until my stomach hurts, and most importantly, who I can completely be myself with. Our friendship is a kind of friendship that is hard to find, but luckily, six years ago, I found them and they found me.

So I thought it would be nice to share with you what you can do to make your friendship stronger and maybe even last forever (or at least try!). So here goes:


  1. The first thing to note is that you cannot force friendships. You won’t find true friendship by acting like Regina George and choosing Cady Heron to be part of your clique just because she’s pretty. Most of the time, the best friendships are those that you never even see coming. Just like in our group, we all didn’t like each other at first but somehow, after spending years of being together, you just become inseparable and when you’re not together, you miss each other every single day. So if you’re trying to find friends that will be with you until the end, don’t force it. Just let it naturally evolve first.


2. It can take years before you can truly become “best friends.” Did you know that it takes 3 years before you can completely know a person? So don’t rush things just because you don’t have a so-called “best friend” or “barkada” yet. Again, just let things happen naturally.


3. It takes a lot of effort. If you have already found your group of friends, good for you! However, know that you won’t always be together 24/7. So if you want to keep the friendship, you have to put in a lot of effort. Ask them if they’re free to hang out on the weekend, chat them up online about what’s going on in their life nowadays, or call them just to let them know that you miss them terribly. Just like in any other relationship, communication is always the key.

BONUS TIP: REPLY! If a friend starts a conversation, magreply ka gurl! Baka mamaya effort nga nang effort si friend, pero ikaw naman yung hindi nag-eeffort back. Kahit sino, nasasaktan sa seenzone or sa 24 hours bago ka magreply sa text or chat. Huwag makampante na kahit hindi mo siya kausapin ay walang magbabago sa inyo, kasi may hangganan lahat ng tao. (GRABE DEEP!) So if you want someone in your life, let them know that you want them in your life. Don’t ever be the reason why your friendship is doomed to fail.


4. It takes a lot of patience and understanding too. Now that we’re in different colleges, it’s definitely harder to find time to hang out in person. We don’t have the same schedules and we also don’t have the same circle of college friends. So if you ask them to hang out with you and they’re not available, you have to understand them. Just because they say no doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t want to be with you. Trust me, they really miss you but just like you, they also have to meet their own school deadlines and they need to make time for their loved ones too. Huwag magtampo agad. Pero kung nagtampo ka nga, tell them so that it won’t blow up to become a bigger issue. The less unspoken issues inside your head, the happier you’ll be!


5. Get a “Burn Book.” Remember how in Mean Girls they have this notebook that only the four of them are allowed to write in and see? Well, get one for your barkada too! But DON’T write mean things about other people. Instead, write down all the good memories you had with each other. Put pictures and polaroids of the unforgettable times you had together. Paste all the tickets of movies you have seen together. And to make it more fun, list down all the things that you want to do together aka a “Best Friend Bucketlist!” So that one day when you all have your own jobs and your own families, you will still be able to look back on all the memorable moments you and your best friends shared throughout the years.


6. Let go and let each other grow. There came a point in my life wherein I realized that we can’t be the same four girls in high school anymore. Back then, I would spend all the time in school with them, and whenever I got home, I would chat with them online as if we never really left each other’s side. And when I would go to bed, I’d sleep with a happy heart because I had a good day with them, and I know that I would spend the next day with them too. Being in the same high school made it so easy for us to be with each other.

But now, I only see them during birthdays or summer or the holidays. I don’t talk to them every single day anymore, and I don’t always know how they’re doing, which sucks, but it’s all a part of growing up. Remember this: the best thing about true friendship is that you can grow separately, without ever growing apart. 


And last but not the least, always be grateful that you found your best friends.

So to Ilka, Kim, and Carrie, I am forever thankful to the Lord that I found you. I am so lucky to meet 3, out of the 7 billion people in this world, who I can call my best friends. Or should I say TF’s? 😛 I miss you, always, and I love you, four-ever! 😉

xo, moira ❤

16 Things I Learned in 2016

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

And just like that, it’s already 2017. WHAT?? Anyway, how did you spend your New Year’s Eve? Mine was more quiet than the usual since we didn’t have any fireworks this year. We just ate a delicious and hearty meal and watched the fireworks coming from other people’s houses. haha!

So as 2016 comes to a close, I decided to film a video about the 16 things I learned throughout the year. I did something like this last year which you can find right here: 15 Things I Learned in 2015. I hope you learn a new thing or two from the vlog! Subscribe if you haven’t already, pretty please. 🙂

Again, Happy New Year and may your 2017 be filled with more blessings and happiness! Cheers!


xo, moira ❤

Best Tip to Survive College!

Back when I was a freshie, I was excited to learn new things from my professors for I knew that they were the best of the best in the country (at least in my opinion). It’s already a given that they will teach you the subject, provide lectures, make you take exams (ugh) and what not, but my favorite thing that I always look forward to with them is when they randomly “make kwento” or tell us about any of their life experiences. Aside from it letting the class hours go by without the professor noticing (LOL), what I like about it is that it gives the students a chance to be taught life lessons which can be useful for us in the near future.

Out of all the life lessons I learned from them, one will always stand out to me. My Math 11 prof was the one who said it randomly in his class, and he basically just gave us the greatest tip ever on how to survive college. He said something like this:

“If you want to survive college, don’t do your best. Because, like the song says, sometimes you do your best but your best is not enough. Instead, do what is necessary.”

Now, we may all have different interpretations for it, but mine is this: When we focus on doing our best, sometimes, we tend to stress ourselves out more than we should. You don’t always have to push yourself to the limit because you might reach your breaking point over a small thing. Sure, put your heart into something, but never forget to take your brain with you. Instead of focusing on doing your best, focus on doing the task that is required. Baka kasi mapangunahan ka ng takot na di mo magawa best mo, kesa na sana, ginawa mo na kaagad yung task without overthinking it, para di ka na na-sstress, diba? This kind of thinking can really make your college life a lot lighter, so don’t stress out!

Well, that was just a tip on surviving college. However, thriving in college? I will never be exactly sure.

xo, moira ❤

The Beautiful Imperfection Tag


Hi everyone! I was chosen by fellow blogger, riyasharmaviews, to do the Beautiful Imperfection Tag, wherein the goal is to basically define what it means to be beautiful, to write about what I find beautiful and not beautiful (aka imperfections) about myself. I honestly got excited when I saw that I was tagged because the topic of beauty is something that is close to my heart. Being a woman, a teenager, a girly girl, and a fashion/beauty blogger (naks), I can’t help but spend some time thinking and wondering about what it really means to be beautiful.

First of all, I would like to put it out there that there is no single correct definition of beauty. Beauty is something that is subjective, and I don’t intend to put an objective definition to it. I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and each of us sees it from different unique perspectives. So what I am going to write is MY own take on what it means to be beautiful, as viewed from my eyes and my beliefs.

As much as I hate to say this, or maybe you don’t want to hear this, I still believe in the concept of outer or physical beauty. Growing up in the Philippines, which is a country that for some reason just loooves showbusiness, I would watch TV and be wowed by the looks of celebrities such as Liza Soberano, Anne Curtis, Marian Rivera, and a LOT more.


I mean just look at her! How can you not find Liza beautiful?? If this is your first time seeing a picture of Liza, do you find her pretty? Of course you do! And doesn’t that make you want to get to know her even more, to be her friend? People like her who were blessed to be drop dead gorgeous have this sort of advantage in making good first impressions. Even when we don’t acknowledge it, the first thing we really notice about a person is their outer beauty, and if she is good-looking, then most likely, we would draw our attention to her. (P.S. Just to clear things up, I am not hating on Liza Soberano. In fact, I find her one of the most beautiful celebrities, not only for her looks, but also because she is super kind and has a good heart. ❤ I love her so much :(( )


Yup Smackle, you got that right. This is indeed a world where pretty seems better somehow, which is unfortunate, but you can’t deny it.

HOWEVER, even if I believe in physical beauty, I NEVER stop there. It is so easy to get caught up on what we look like, that sometimes, we forget that what really matters is who we are on the inside. Yes, outer beauty matters, but inner beauty matters MORE. Besides, what good is a pretty face when you have an ugly heart? But when you have an amazing personality, it will shine out of your face like sun beams and you will always look lovely to the right people. *wink*

For me, inner beauty is defined by three things: kindness, confidence, and humility. I find that kind people have this glow to them and everyone is happy to be their friend. They possess hearts that are just so genuine and pure that it shows in the way they talk and smile, and I would always find that beautiful. Confidence is another thing that makes someone attractive. If you take a close look at celebrities or models, you will find that they don’t have perfect faces or body shapes. But you still notice them because they carry themselves really well. Lastly, we have humility. No, humility is not the opposite of confidence. A person who is humble but not confident is simply shy or still lacking self-belief, while a person who is confident but not humble is simply boastful. But a person who is confident AND humble is simply beautiful. ❤


But do you want to know what the number one secret on what it means to be beautiful is to me? It is self-acceptance. Let’s face it, all of us have our insecurities, even Beyonce has them. Trust me! I can admit to also having insecurities, and I’ll even name a few for you. I hate my eye bags, I wish I had a smaller/pointier nose, I don’t like seeing my double chin on pictures, I don’t want to have any belly fat, I want a tinier waist line, and the list can go on and on. I don’t love every single facial or body feature I have because I am imperfect. And as much as I want to be perfect, I can’t, for I am only human. My imperfections are there for a reason, and I have come to embrace these flaws of mine. I don’t necessarily love them, but I acknowledge and accept them.


Know that in life, some people will point out your insecurities. Even the prettiest faces or kindest hearts still get hate for their imperfections, but once you have learned to accept these flaws and love yourself for being beautifully imperfect, then no one can use them against you.

Despite what other people say or think about you, it is only by believing in your own capabilities and accepting the beauty of being imperfect that you can become truly beautiful. ❤

This post was a lengthy one, but if you have read until here, then I tag and challenge you to write about your take on what it means to be beautiful. ❤

xo, moira ❤

A Letter to Myself 9 Years from Now

Last weekend, I was feeling a bit down and anxious since my third year of college was about to start. The thought of going back to school did not excite me, and I just felt like I needed someone to give me a pep talk or something to get my spirit up again. So what I did was I reread some of the letters that I have collected over the past years from my friends to remind me that I am not alone in this world and that they are and will always be there to encourage me and to support me in everything that I do.

After reading their letters, I felt a little bit lighter but not totally. It was like I was still waiting for a “certain someone” to give me a message or some advice, and I suddenly realized that the person I badly wanted to hear from was myself. So I searched my drawer for a letter I wrote around a year ago dedicated to my 27 year old self. It was for an activity in one of my classes and I kept the letter because it really meant a lot to me. But now, I will be sharing it in this blog, so that if ever I lose the letter, I will still be able to read it from here. I hope that this letter inspires you to write one for yourself too, because we must learn that we can’t always rely on other people to encourage us or to compliment us or to make us feel good and happy. Sometimes, it must come from ourselves. So here goes my letter to myself 9 years from now.

Dear Me,

Well hello 27-year old me! WOW. 9 YEARS. How time flies by so fast. I wish that when I’m 27, I’d already have a lovely boyfriend who will also be the man I’ll marry and spend the rest of my life with. And I do hope you have that. If not, well, only time and God can tell.

You’ve probably already graduated college and taken your board exam, and you passed both in flying colors. To be honest, I don’t know which career path you’ve chosen, but I really do hope you’re happy. 🙂 I hope you’ve traveled more parts of the world with your family and friends. I hope you’re living a healthy life and don’t put on some weight you don’t need. I hope you’re ready to face your thirties with a head held high, and always know you’ve got people to support you. Don’t be afraid to make new friends, but never forget the old ones.

To end this letter, allow me to state a few quotes/advice that I know you once loved.

Don’t be afraid, just believe. Always trust God, no matter what. Even if you’re a fully grown adult now, you’re on your own, but know you’re not alone. And always choose to be happy, because happiness and love are the best things you can experience in your only life.

Take care, God bless, and as Michelle Phan always says, good luck!


xo, moira ❤ 

Toxic Thoughts

This was supposed to be a super long blog post about something that I learned a couple of weeks ago. But I decided to not go too much into detail anymore kasi baka gumulo lang hahaha. Instead, I’m just going to tell you what I realized from being “alone” almost all the time this summer. And by alone, I mean being stuck at home and having nothing to do.

I realized that sometimes, being alone can be toxic. When you’re alone, it is so easy to get lost in your own negative thoughts and there’s no one around to tell you that those thoughts are not true. You’re gonna feel so lonely, ‘yung para bang wala kang karamay sa mundong ‘to at walang may pake sa ‘yo. Well, I’m here to tell you that there are people out there who do care for you and who love you. They might not be around you physically to show their affection, but you have to trust that they do care and love you.

NEVER let your worry, fear, or pessimism make you feel inferior. If you’re thinking that you are alone in this life, remember that someone out there cares for you deeply. If you’re thinking that you’re not good enough, remember that someone out there supports you and always encourages you. If you’re thinking low of yourself, remember that someone out there thinks of you highly. You are so much bigger and stronger than your thoughts. So always remind yourself that you are never alone in this world.

Please don’t waste time living in your own negative thoughts, when you can be living your own positive life. ❤


xo, moira ❤