Soft Pink Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

Hi everyone! Let me start by greeting you a belated Happy Valentine’s! How did you spend this day of love? Mine was spent literally eating hopia at home HAHAHAH. I think you would only get the joke if you’re Filipino though lol. Anyway, I uploaded a new video on my channel and it’s a makeup tutorial inspired by this so-called holiday so I made sure to incorporate a lot of pink in there!

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Hi everyone! Today, I decided to blog about how I celebrated my 19th birthday last January 9 because as weird as it may sound, I really did not expect for me to be super happy during that day. Mygahd Moira tigilan mo ang pagiging emosyonal mo! haha! So here’s what went down.

I originally planned on seeing my best friends during my birthday and just chill and film fun videos with them. However, I already felt like it wasn’t going to push through as I wasn’t sure if our schedules would meet. And then, I suddenly read an announcement on Facebook regarding my enrollment last Sunday. I supposedly only needed to go to UP on January 10 but since my adviser couldn’t make it that day, I had to see her on January 9 instead. But I would still need to go back on January 10 for validation and for paying my tuition. When I read that announcement, I literally shouted “HA????” as it was so last minute and instead of hanging out with my friends, I needed to go to school on my birthday so that I can enroll?? Ang lungkot kasi na-hassle pa ko sa birthday ko! But I had to remind myself to stop being so dramatic about it because it’s not the end of the world, hello! So I just accepted that fact for I don’t want to get affected by petty reasons anymore.

It’s a good thing that my parents and I also went to a reunion with their college barkada at Timberland last Sunday because I finally got to go swimming again and forget about all the stress! Plus, masarap pa ang food! I got to unwind there and I realized that despite of all the things that weren’t going my way, my life is still blessed and amazing if only I looked at the brighter side of it.


When the clock struck midnight, I immediately greeted myself with a Happy Birthday and even faked a smile because I wanted to change my mindset and just be happy. My parents then came into my room to greet me too! And suddenly, a few friends also began to greet me online and I honestly did not expect that for I felt like they would be too lazy to actually wait for 12 midnight and already have a birthday message for me HAHA.

Then as planned, I went to school real early in the morning and I was surprisingly first in line! Himala! After that, I immediately went home and played The Last of Us all afternoon and I had no regrets! When it was already night time, I got ready for my mini birthday celebration.


Wow may pa-glam shot pa si ate gurl! HAHAHA. 


The food was so freaking delicious that night and I had an amazing time hanging out with my cousins. Some family and friends also greeted me online and some even personally messaged me on Facebook and sobrang na-touch ako kasi swear, di ko talaga inexpect! Before I knew it, I went to bed with a happy heart and a smile that couldn’t be erased. 🙂

I really thought that I would be crying on my birthday (HAHA) because of all the things that were making me sad but instead, I was actually genuinely happy. Just when you think that your life is falling apart, it suddenly has a funny way of letting you know that it is totally not! I also realized that there really are a lot of people who care for me and who still remember me on my special day.

Remember, always look at the brighter side of life. It’s way more fun there. 😉

xo, moira ❤

Barcelona: Kathryn Bernardo Inspired Makeup Look

Hi everyone! Please watch my newest video which is a “tutorial” for Kathryn Bernardo’s look on her upcoming movie with Daniel Padilla, Barcelona: A Love Untold. Don’t forget to hit subscribe!! Sorry for the lack of actual blog posts lately, as I have too much on my plate already. 😦 Not that anyone actually cares lol.

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Full Face Using Lipsticks Challenge!

Hi everyone! It’s been five days since my last blog post, and I would have to blame it on my schoolwork (what’s new) since we already had an exam two days ago. It hasn’t even been a month since school started and we’re already taking up exams! I have another exam on Tuesday HUHUHU. Okay, enough with the ranting.

I had a lot of fun doing this video because it was really challenging to come up with a makeup look using lipsticks only, but I think it turned out fine! Please check it out and don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you so much for watching!

P.S. Never be afraid to sparkle ❤

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5 Minute Makeup Challenge!

Hi everyone! I uploaded a fun new video on my channel and I would love for you to check it out! I did the 5 minute makeup challenge, and it was lot more difficult than I expected. Five minutes can fly by so fast! Anyway, please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and if you have any suggestions for future videos, just leave a comment down below. 🙂

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What’s on my iPhone SE??

Hi everyone! Please watch my newest video on YouTube which is a “What’s on my iPhone SE?” This was also my first time to really take time and edit a thumbnail on Photoshop and I am really happy with how it turned out! haha!

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EDIT: I just realized that this is my 100th post for this blog!! Omg, how time flies so fast…

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