My Sunday Currently | February 12, 2017

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I legit blogged something so I thought I would do another Sunday Currently since the last one I did was around two months ago?? Wow, time surely flies by fast. Anyway, it’s around 8 PM right now, and I decided to squeeze in this post before I return to stuDYING. Save me, please. I’m so sleepy. 😦 Ang lutang ko. Okay, here goes!


READING stuff for Kas 1. I have to submit an essay which will serve as our exam on Thursday and it just stresses me out! I know that my professor for this subject has high standards and I really don’t want to disappoint him or myself.. *moira shakes terribly*

WRITING down all the things I need to accomplish in the upcoming weeks.

LISTENING to TheMakeupChair’s voice as I am watching her Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial on Youtube.

THINKING of new video ideas for my channel! I’m leaning on focusing on quick makeup tutorials because they’re my favorite ones to binge watch. Any suggestions on videos I can film next? 🙂

SMELLING nothing.

WISHING to buy a new laptop because the one I am currently using is slowly giving up on me 😦 Pati laptop, sinusukuan ako?? HAHAHAH.

HOPING to manage my time well in the next months since I don’t like doing things half-baked.

WEARING a blue shirt from high school and neon pink shorts from H&M.

LOVING how my skin feels right now! Haha, it sounds so conceited, but I just exfoliated a while ago using the Black Mallows Fluffy Scrub from Skin Genie, and now my arms and legs feel so smooth ❤ HAHA.

WANTING to sleep. 😦

NEEDING a break from acads. 😦 And to think that I’ve only been back in school for four weeks! Hay, 15 weeks to go.. Syempre may countdown na hahaha.

FEELING stressed and overwhelmed with all the things I need to do this week. Ugh, I always get this feeling during the start of a new week when I just think of all the deadlines I have to the point that sometimes I break down and cry. 😦 But I still end up finishing all those things so I know that all this worrying is for nothing. haha! Remember, this too shall pass!

And here’s a little quote of the day to get us all inspired: You only fail when you stop trying.

I hope you have a great week ahead!

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xo, moira❤


How to Make a Friendship Last Forever


Six years ago (June 2010), we were freshies who were excited to explore the new world of high school. We were all classmates, and though we knew each other’s names and faces, we were never really that close. I even remember that my first impressions of them were “feeler,” “feeler,” and “too corny.” HAHAHA. And what’s funny is that they also didn’t like me too back then! During freshman year, we were frenemies. Yes, we were friends, but we also secretly hated each other due to petty reasons like “Inaagaw niya yung friends ko,” or “Bakit lagi na lang siya yung kasama ninyo,” or “Di ko lang talaga siya ka-vibes.” Grabe, sobrang high school ng mga problema!

Fast forward to our last months during our senior year, we became inseparable. We loved spending time with each other, whether we were doing group works together, eating lunch together, or just simply making endless kwentos at the corridors or the school parking lot. We knew that our high school journey was about to end, so we wanted to make the most out of it before we go our different ways. It’s so crazy to think how a person that you didn’t initially like suddenly becomes the best friend that you can’t live without.

Fast forward to today, we are now all juniors in different colleges who have only seen each other less than ten times last year. I hate how we don’t get to spend as much time together as before, but what I love is how when we do see each other, it’s like nothing changed. They’re still my best friends who I can have deep talks with in the middle of the night, who I can laugh with until my stomach hurts, and most importantly, who I can completely be myself with. Our friendship is a kind of friendship that is hard to find, but luckily, six years ago, I found them and they found me.

So I thought it would be nice to share with you what you can do to make your friendship stronger and maybe even last forever (or at least try!). So here goes:


  1. The first thing to note is that you cannot force friendships. You won’t find true friendship by acting like Regina George and choosing Cady Heron to be part of your clique just because she’s pretty. Most of the time, the best friendships are those that you never even see coming. Just like in our group, we all didn’t like each other at first but somehow, after spending years of being together, you just become inseparable and when you’re not together, you miss each other every single day. So if you’re trying to find friends that will be with you until the end, don’t force it. Just let it naturally evolve first.


2. It can take years before you can truly become “best friends.” Did you know that it takes 3 years before you can completely know a person? So don’t rush things just because you don’t have a so-called “best friend” or “barkada” yet. Again, just let things happen naturally.


3. It takes a lot of effort. If you have already found your group of friends, good for you! However, know that you won’t always be together 24/7. So if you want to keep the friendship, you have to put in a lot of effort. Ask them if they’re free to hang out on the weekend, chat them up online about what’s going on in their life nowadays, or call them just to let them know that you miss them terribly. Just like in any other relationship, communication is always the key.

BONUS TIP: REPLY! If a friend starts a conversation, magreply ka gurl! Baka mamaya effort nga nang effort si friend, pero ikaw naman yung hindi nag-eeffort back. Kahit sino, nasasaktan sa seenzone or sa 24 hours bago ka magreply sa text or chat. Huwag makampante na kahit hindi mo siya kausapin ay walang magbabago sa inyo, kasi may hangganan lahat ng tao. (GRABE DEEP!) So if you want someone in your life, let them know that you want them in your life. Don’t ever be the reason why your friendship is doomed to fail.


4. It takes a lot of patience and understanding too. Now that we’re in different colleges, it’s definitely harder to find time to hang out in person. We don’t have the same schedules and we also don’t have the same circle of college friends. So if you ask them to hang out with you and they’re not available, you have to understand them. Just because they say no doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t want to be with you. Trust me, they really miss you but just like you, they also have to meet their own school deadlines and they need to make time for their loved ones too. Huwag magtampo agad. Pero kung nagtampo ka nga, tell them so that it won’t blow up to become a bigger issue. The less unspoken issues inside your head, the happier you’ll be!


5. Get a “Burn Book.” Remember how in Mean Girls they have this notebook that only the four of them are allowed to write in and see? Well, get one for your barkada too! But DON’T write mean things about other people. Instead, write down all the good memories you had with each other. Put pictures and polaroids of the unforgettable times you had together. Paste all the tickets of movies you have seen together. And to make it more fun, list down all the things that you want to do together aka a “Best Friend Bucketlist!” So that one day when you all have your own jobs and your own families, you will still be able to look back on all the memorable moments you and your best friends shared throughout the years.


6. Let go and let each other grow. There came a point in my life wherein I realized that we can’t be the same four girls in high school anymore. Back then, I would spend all the time in school with them, and whenever I got home, I would chat with them online as if we never really left each other’s side. And when I would go to bed, I’d sleep with a happy heart because I had a good day with them, and I know that I would spend the next day with them too. Being in the same high school made it so easy for us to be with each other.

But now, I only see them during birthdays or summer or the holidays. I don’t talk to them every single day anymore, and I don’t always know how they’re doing, which sucks, but it’s all a part of growing up. Remember this: the best thing about true friendship is that you can grow separately, without ever growing apart. 


And last but not the least, always be grateful that you found your best friends.

So to Ilka, Kim, and Carrie, I am forever thankful to the Lord that I found you. I am so lucky to meet 3, out of the 7 billion people in this world, who I can call my best friends. Or should I say TF’s? 😛 I miss you, always, and I love you, four-ever! 😉

xo, moira ❤

Change is Coming… AGAIN!

Hello everybody!!! ❤ Wow, how I missed saying that. I haven’t posted in this blog for around two weeks now because I decided to take a break from it. As I have always been mentioning, I am still a college student taking up Architecture. I am currently on my third year and this last semester was SUPER DRAINING. I kid you not. I have been staying up until 4 am to finish all these plates and papers and presentations so I couldn’t really work on blogs or vlogs that much for I promised myself that I would prioritize school over other things. Ayokong ma-delay! Haha, anyway, even if it has been a tiring sem, it was the most fun and memorable yet, but I’ll save that for another blog post. 😉

And finally, I can now say that I am officially on break!!! Yas, four weeks of freedom and happiness. ❤ I actually just had a sleepover with my best friends last weekend and we took lots of pictures and videos so stay tuned for that!

However, I have decided to make some changes with Little Miss Moira. As much as I want to post every single day or every other day, I really can’t anymore. I know it sucks because I really wanted this blog to be a daily thing but like I said, school is my top priority. I have also decided that I would focus on vlogging more rather than blogging. I know everyone says that making videos on YouTube is easy, but it is not! It takes a lot of time from conceptualizing to filming to editing and to uploading. I would really want to step up my YouTube channel and in order for me to do that, I need to make more time for it. Hay, it seems like 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough sometimes, right?

But do not worry for I will continue to post on this blog! I cannot promise to post as often as before when I used to focus on fashion stuff; however, my next posts will really be more about life updates and personal posts and life lessons and what not. You know, things of that sort haha!

I hope you respect whatever decisions I have made with Little Miss Moira as I feel like this is really what I need to do right now. I also hope that you continue to support my blog (weh moira) and my YouTube channel which you can subscribe to here!

On a different note, there’s only 6 days left until Christmas! I wish that yours will be joyous and full of blessings! What’s your Christmas wish this year? 🙂


xo, moira ❤

My Sunday Currently | November 27, 2016

It’s currently 2:44 in the morning, and here I am forcing myself to stay awake so that I can be productive. Zombie mode ON. Haha joke, I promise to sleep immediately after this blog post. So a little life update: I have three weeks of school left and it has been CRAAAZYY. I had two exams last week and this week is all about design submissions. Then after that it’s gonna be exams again, then plates, then exam, then lantern parade, waaah! And that explains why I haven’t been blogging/vlogging much lately. Bawi ako sa sembreak, pramis! hihi


READING Behind the Blog by Kryz Uy. This book made me love Kryz even more. ❤

WRITING all my deadlines so that I can be more organized and also writing down a possible schedule for next semester. Di pa nga tapos 1st sem, 2nd sem na agad iniisip??

LISTENING to the silence of the night.

THINKING of what’s going to happen tomorrow.. Let’s see, I need to get my plates, I have a field work at 1PM, I’m not sure if I have a quiz, and I need to start on our sketch model. *feels overwhelmed and even more stressed*

SMELLING nothing.

WISHING that I’ll have the courage and drive to do well in my last few weeks in school!

HOPING to get good profs for next sem!!!

WEARING a blue Paul Frank shirt, tie-dye pajamas, and some pink cat ears.

LOVING Vray for Sketchup!! Lol it seems like design is really life, and I’m so happy I learned about Vray because it makes your perspectives look super realistic!

WANTING to rest and have a good night’s sleep.

NEEDING to find a not so expensive hotel around the Metro! My best friends and I want to have a sleepover/staycation during Christmas break so that we can catch up since the last time I saw them was September/October?? Any suggestions on nice hotels? 🙂

FEELING stressed but blessed. And my back hurts too HAHA.

And here’s a little quote of the day to get us all inspired: Life has a funny way of working out just when you think it never will.

I hope you have a great week ahead!

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xo, moira❤

How to Make Life Suck Less

I once read on the internet that before going to sleep at night, you should write down or at least think of three things about your day that you are grateful for. It can be as random as getting the wings of your eyeliner on fleek or something as big as passing an exam or getting a promotion. It claims that if you do this routine every day, you will feel a lot lighter and that you will become happier in general. I don’t really remember the exact date of when I read this, but it was probably during a time I felt real sad or alone (or maybe I was just overthinking HAHA), and I was so desperate to find ways to be happy again, which is why I turned to Google and that is how I found the story I just mentioned. haha! So because I was desperate, I thought to myself why not try it. There really is nothing to lose and I was also curious if it will actually work or not. So earlier this year, I began including three things I am grateful for in my prayers every night, and I haven’t stopped since then. It has now been months since I started this short but meaningful routine and I can proudly and happily say that it does work! I don’t know, I guess when you remember to be thankful for the good things that happened in your day, it makes life suck a little less. By doing this, I realized that we must always, and I mean ALWAYS, be grateful for all the blessings we get in life, even ordinary things like having food on our plate or having nice clothes to wear. Remember that no matter how crappy life can be, there will always, again ALWAYS, be something to be thankful for. ❤

So now, I want to share with you the three things I am currently grateful for/things that are making me happy right now! 🙂

  1. How motivated I am to do well in school! Nerd lang? haha but kidding aside, I really am glad about the fact that I am actually enjoying most (not all) of my subjects this semester. It’s probably because I have a really good set of professors and even if this sem’s workload is A LOT heavier than the last two years, I’m still having fun along the way because I have very supportive friends who are there for me and we make sure to help each other out as much as we can, and it doesn’t hurt to laugh (or maybe cry lol) with them too since it makes us have a tighter bond. I guess misery really does love company, haha!
  2. Getting enough sleep! I have two professors who are out this week so I’ve mostly been just at home but I ain’t chilling though ’cause I have lots of stuff to accomplish. Nevertheless, since I didn’t need to wake up early for the past days, I got to sleep in and get some proper sleep! I’ll probably regret it though HAHA but nothing really beats the comfort of your own bed. ❤
  3. Being inspired to blog! And no, not that kind of inspired HAHA. Basically, earlier this day, I was reading Vern and Verniece Enciso’s blog and their writing style is just perf for me! That is why it inspired me to put up a post right now and I am so happy that I don’t have writer’s block today hehehe.

So there! I hope this post inspires you to list down, whether literally or mentally, three things that you are grateful for every day. For I promise you, it will really make your life suck a little less!

Don’t be shy to comment down below if you want to share your own list of what’s making you happy right now so we can all spread a little positivity on the internet! 🙂


xo, moira ❤

My Sunday Currently | August 21, 2016

Hi everyone! How’s your weekend? Mine was spent drafting all day. #BuhayArki Anyway, today’s blog post is a short life update. Not that anyone really cares HAHAHA. I’ll probably be doing Sunday Currently once a month, just so I can look back and reminisce in the future. NAKS. Alright, enough with this super random introduction. Here goes my Sunday Currently:


READING Vern and Verniece’s latest blog posts! Now that I think about it, it’s been five years since I started reading their personal blogs from before, and up to now I am still an avid fan because they never fail to wow me with their fashion sense and make me fall in love with their personalities. How I wish to be as successful as them someday. ❤ Check out their blog here:

WRITING thoughts on my diary every now and then. It’s great to do something to let whatever that’s been boggling your mind out. Because if you don’t, your thoughts will just eat you up inside. TRUST ME. Been there, done that. haha

LISTENING to Michelle Dy’s voice since I’m watching her latest addition to her Make Up Serye. Check it out here:

THINKING of all the things I need to accomplish for school. 😦 They aren’t that many (YET), but I just don’t want to waste my time, cram the last minute, and regret not starting earlier.

SMELLING the smell of the rain.

WISHING to be brave and confident enough to survive and thrive this semester.

HOPING to never drown in requirements and still get enough sleep everyday. (as if this is going to come true…) I also hope to not put myself down anymore since I tend to compare myself to others. Wow, this is sounding so sad. haha!

WEARING a green shirt from a family reunion before, green printed pambahay shorts bought from a bazaar, and my zebra headband!

LOVING the latest episode of Girl Meets World!!! It showed a different side of Riley and even I was shocked by the things she said! Definitely one of the best episodes from the show. *huge thumbs up*

WANTING to buy a television for my room!! My drafting table is in my room and with all the plates coming my way, I need to be able to multitask drafting while watching Encantadia HAHAHA. Nandun na kasi si Andre Paras e ❤ LUH. And Jadine’s new teleserye will start next week and I want to watch it too because the trailer’s really nice! Hay, how to stop this obsession over Filipino shows?

NEEDING to get a haircut!! Having long hair can be such a pain sometimes.

FEELING tired from drafting all day. huhu arki life. :(( But since I already finished that, I am also feeling motivated to accomplish all the things on my to-do list. I am also still feeling nervous for third year college. *cries*

And here’s a little quote of the day to get us all inspired: You don’t need to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you. ❤

I hope you have a great week ahead!

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What’s in my School Bag/College Backpack??

Hi everyone! I uploaded another YouTube video but this time, I get to sit down and talk to the camera! This is my first time to legitimately do this so please don’t judge me haha. I decided to do the What’s in my School Bag for this video. Enjoy and thank you so much for watching!

~~sic parvis magna~~

xo, moira ❤