December Favorites 2016!

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October Favorites 2016

Hello everyone! I finally uploaded a new video just a few minutes ago and it would mean a lot to me if you go and check it out! I haven’t really been active on this blog because of all the s t r e s s from acads but I still make sure to post something every week so sorry if I’m not super consistent.. I try though, I really do. huhu.

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“You can buy your hair if it won’t grow

You can fix your nose if he says so

You can buy all the makeup that MAC can make

But if you can’t look inside you

Find out who am I to

Be in a position to make me feel so damn unpretty.”

This song has been stuck in my head and I too have been feeling quite off or “unpretty” for the past days now. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been so stressed out lately… I don’t know. But I do know that tomorrow is an opportunity for a better day and that bad days don’t last forever. ❤

May God bless us all in the coming week!

P.S. Don’t try to be pretty or let anyone simplify you to just “pretty.” All of us are so much more than that. 🙂

xo, moira ❤

August Favorites 2016


(1) Happy Skin x Love Marie Lippies. I am a big fan of Heart Evangelista’s makeup book (which I even raved about here), so when I saw that she released her own line of lippies in partnership with Happy Skin, a trustworthy and promising local makeup brand, I immediately knew that I wanted to get them! I was so happy to also learn that they were matte, and they even came in white containers, which definitely screamed Love Marie! These lippies have really great quality and I definitely recommend it to all the Filipina beauty junkies out there!

I even used the Happy Skin x Love Marie lippies in my latest video! #shamelessplug HAHA

(2) McDonald’s BBQ flavored Shake Shake Fries. OHMYGOD I was overjoyed when I saw on TV that McDo has brought back their Shake Shake Fries!!! I kid you not, I have probably been eating them once or twice a week ever since they came out because they’re just sooo good. Hay, unhealthy living huhu.

(3) Sabrina. I have planned to watch this movie for the longest time but I was just never in the mood to watch a full length black and white film lately. What did trigger (LOL trigger) me to finally see it is when Gabi DeMartino talked about it in one of her vlogs, saying that it’s one of her favorite movies because it taught her to “see life through rose-colored glasses.” It made me interested to watch Sabrina and ohmygod Audrey Hepburn is just gorgeous! The film also inspired me to see the bright side of life and that if Sabrina can go from being depressed to being confident, then I definitely can too! haha!

(4) Girl Meets the Real World. OHMYGOD this show gives me the freaking feels every freaking time!!! Personally, this was probably their best episode yet, lesson-wise and acting-wise (esp from Rowan!). It basically talked about a debate if people are naturally good or naturally evil. And ironically, Riley being the positive one in the show, had to prove that people are naturally evil. So she did a lot of thinking and realizing and what not, and her answer during the debate BLEW MY MIND. I did not expect an answer like that, esp coming from a Disney show lol, but anyway, this episode really made me realize that life is all about perspective. Who knows if people are actually good or evil? But at the end of the day, it’s what you choose to see and believe in this world that will dictate how you live your life.

(5) Pretty Little Liars The DArkest Knight. PLL has this thing wherein they give you “okay” episodes and then when it’s the finale, they’re gonna go ALL OUT. And that’s exactly what happened with their latest episode, which probably had the grossest and most morbid scene ever. (As in grabe talaga!!!) And now I have to wait until April 2017 for Season 7B??? Huhu asan hustisya 😦 Plus, it’s gonna be their last 10 episodes next year. Ugh, I can’t believe I’m gonna say goodbye to my fave TV show soon. 😦

(6) Encantadia. During the first episodes of Encantadia, I was a little bit iffy about this remake since you basically already know what’s gonna happen since it is a remake. But now, they’re finally exploring the sequel parts of the series and I am so engaged!! I find their Enchanta language so cool and unique and I am finally starting to understand every character and event in the series and I love how this fantaserye has parallels in real life. Also, can I just say that Kylie Padilla looks so freaking good in her warrior suit (super toned body tho!) and Mikee Quintos, who plays the role of Mila/Lira, is so adorable!

(7) Mars: Friendly vs. Flirty. I randomly watched this video on YouTube since it had an interesting title and it left me laughing real hard! Until now, I still can’t get over how Ogie Alcasid kept saying “I love you” throughout the first part of the video. LOL.

(8) Closer ft. Halsey by the Chainsmokers. I just love how catchy this song is and every time I hear it, it makes me wanna either get up and dance, or just nod along and chill. HAHAHA.


(9) Pokemon GO. I was never really a fan of Pokemon when I was younger, but this app really made me curious so I went with the bandwagon. I really enjoyed it at first since it was fun seeing random Pokemons roaming around random places in the Philippines. But now, I really don’t get to play it that much anymore since I don’t always have wifi on my phone. sadlyf haha


xo, moira ❤


June Favorites 2016


(1) Black Choker from Fudge Rock. When chokers first became a trend, I found them really weird because they remind me of like third grade students so I did not get at all why they became popular. But now, there are more choker designs that are coming out and I love how some of them even give off girly vibes. I don’t know, there’s just something about wearing chokers that makes me feel a little bit more confident..

(2) Uncharted. I FREAKING LOVE THE UNCHARTED SERIES! If you didn’t know, I love playing Tomb Raider because Lara Croft is just so badass yet intelligent at the same time. And Nathan Drake, from Uncharted, actually reminds me of a male version of Lara. What I love about this game is its plot twists and the characters’ sense of humor, especially Nate’s! Nate and Elena are also GOALS! I also love how the game’s motto is “SIC PARVIS MAGNA,” which means “greatness from small beginnings.” I don’t know, it’s just really a lovely and hopeful saying. My favorites from the Uncharted series would have to be the first and the fourth games. I really hope they make a fifth one with *spoiler alert* Nate and Elena’s daughter! I definitely recommend that you play Uncharted if you also love video games.

(3) Monopoly Deal. I love playing this card game with my cousins because it can get so intense sometimes, but don’t worry, wala namang napipikon. This is why I love playing card or board games. They can bring out your competitive side but never to a point that you would actually feel bad if you lost because the joy it brings and the quality time you spend with your family and friends is what matters at the end of the day.

(4) Party Flippo. This is an app which is exactly the same as Pinoy Henyo, a popular guessing game here in the Philippines. It’s like the Filipino version of Charades/Taboo. I also love playing this one with my cousins! And yes, even if we are quite old for games, we still enjoy them a lot and we are not ashamed. haha!

(5) Icon Pop Quiz. I decided to download this app once again because it’s been such a long time since I played it. This game is so addicting, but too bad they didn’t release a newer version. sigh

(6) Barefoot Contessa. I have no idea why I have been watching cooking shows on YouTube. Well, I have been watching Barefoot Contessa on TV when I was a kid. There’s just something about Ina that makes you feel so relaxed and her voice is absolutely soothing. She makes me want to start to learn how to cook, but let’s face it, I might never even learn how to cook. haha!

(7) Born for You. OHMYGOD!!! I have been addicted to this TV show ever since it started. I feel like I am going to fall in love with Sam and Kevin’s story and the way Kevin looks and talks to Sam makes my heart melt every freaking time!!! Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador have an undeniable chemistry, and I really hope that their loveteam will be as successful as the three main loveteams on ABS-CBN today. My favorite line from the show so far is “It’s not Japan. It’s you.” AAAAAHHHHHH KILIG SOBRAAA. Plus!! One thing I love about Born for You is the concept of the red string of fate, which is a belief in Japan that ever since you were born, there is already an invisible red string wrapped around your finger and it connects you to the person you were meant to spend your life with. It really makes people hopeful that someday, destiny will truly bring us to the person meant for us.

(8) English Only, Please. This is such a cute and funny movie! Derek Ramsay’s American accent makes me laugh and my favorite line from the movie would have to be “Ang taong di marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, lumaki sa ibang bansa!” HAHAHAHAHA dami kong tawa dun.

(9) Notting Hill. I finally got to watch this film and honestly, I was just waiting for Julia Roberts to say her famous line which is “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” What I also loved about this movie is that it’s very relaxing to watch and it made me miss the vibes that old movies give off. AND when When You Say Nothing At All played in the background, my heart just melted.

(10) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. The moment this movie started, I was immediately drawn to it. The lead characters were just so good-looking yet smart at the same time. I love the plot twists in the movie and their love story just makes me really kilig! haha!

(11) She’s the Man. Let me start by saying that Amanda Bynes looks so cute in this movie, especially when she tries so hard to act like a boy. haha! Even if this has been released years ago, it is still very timely when it comes to issues of today like sexism. It really showed that we should never underestimate the talents and skills of a person based only on their gender. I really enjoyed this movie, and I definitely think that you should watch this too!

(12) Maniwala Ka by Donnalyn Bartolome. I have no idea why I enjoy Donnalyn’s songs so much. But when I first heard this song, Maniwala Ka, it really felt like she was talking to me because I guess I’m at a point in my life where I don’t really feel confident and I have a pretty low self-esteem nowadays. Call it baduy or jologs or what, but when you listen to the lyrics, it really makes sense and the message of the song really stands out to me, which is why I like it.

xo, moira ❤

How to Throw a Debut


In the Philippines, when a girl reaches the age of 18, it is considered to be a momentous point in her life. This is when the “baby turns into a lady,” as she is now legal and free. To celebrate this occasion, there is a traditional party which she can throw and it is called a debut. It is basically a coming-of-age party wherein all her closest friends and family are gathered together to celebrate her womanhood or something like that.

I had my own debut around four months ago, and I learned that it was no easy task to throw one. I searched the internet countless times to find pegs and inspirations so that I can incorporate them to my party. However, I noticed that there weren’t a lot of guides or tips on how to throw a debut, so right now, that is what I am going to write about.

Here is a guide on how to throw your own successful debut!

  1. Decide EARLY OR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you really want to have a debut or not. Ideally, you should already make this decision at least a year before you turn 18. This is because when you book a venue for your party, the rule is always first come, first serve. And if you cram to the last minute, it will be a lot more difficult for you to find the perfect setting that you want. And not just that, for you will most probably be hiring suppliers or what not, and some may not accept the job if they know they lack the time. I know that there are also some girls out there who don’t find the need to throw a debut, because let’s be real, it does costs a fortune. And they always say that the money used for the party could have been used for something more worthwhile, like shopping or travelling. But from my point of view, a debut only happens ONCE in your lifetime. On the other hand, travelling the world is something you can do at any point in your life. Well, that’s just my opinion. At the end of the day, it is still your life, your rules, your decisions. But if ever you realize that you actually want to have a debut, please decide early! 🙂
  2. Pick a theme. The more specific, the better. If you have a more specific theme, it will be easier to put fun and appropriate details on invites, the program, the stage, and the whole event itself! Make sure that the theme you choose really speaks to you and is something that you really like. Why not throw a Wicked themed party and dress in a gown like Glinda’s? Or maybe have a Cinderella themed one, and refer to your 18 Roses as your 18 Prince Charming’s? Go for something even as crazy as Harry Potter, or The Hunger Games, or why not even Adventure Time? Your guests will surely not forget your debut because it will be super unique and different from all the other ones they have already attended.
  3. Find pegs and save them to your phone! The internet is full of pictures to take inspiration from, and this will definitely make it easier for you to envision the party that you would like to have. Share them with your parents so that they also know the look that you want to go for.
  4. Check Instagram to find people/businesses/companies that you can hire for your special day! I think I found most of the people we hired on Instagram, because their accounts on that app also stands as their portfolio, and you will be able to see how they work and what their final products look like. I swear, there are A LOT of business men and women on IG, and one click is all it takes to find what you are looking for for your debut. Here’s a checklist of the list of people you may opt to hire.
    1. Fashion Designer
    2. Designer for Invitations
    3. Event Coordinator
    4. Event Stylist
    5. Host/s
    6. Souvenirs
    7. Cake
    8. Photographer and Videographer
    9. Hair and Makeup Artist
    10. Or just find a company that can do ALL of these things! I’m sure there are some businesses out there who can cover most, if not all, of these for you.
  5. Event styling makes all the difference. At first, I thought that I can be the one to style my own debut, since I can come up with creative ideas sometimes. But what I didn’t realize is the amount of work it will actually take, as in buying numerous supplies and doing construction work, to make my dream debut come to life. We ended up hiring an event styling company instead, and they really impressed me with their design and I really loved the look of my party! However, I must warn you that to be able to hire such companies, you must be willing to pay a huge amount. But don’t worry, the money will all be worth it because they will for sure do a splendid job!
  6. Be careful in throwing a black and white party. I think this is the trend nowadays, and from my experience, the guests won’t really follow this. Most of them will just dress in black, because it can flatter any type of body. So then, your party might turn into just a black party. haha! Just be mindful of that. Oh, and don’t forget that one relative who still won’t follow the dress code. I swear every party has one, and I find it so funny hahaha!
  7. Two dresses are really all you need. The first one is the traditional ball gown for the program proper and the second one is the party dress for the after party, so that you can move more freely. If you’re tight on budget, you can even just wear a gown that can convert to a dress! You’ll be able to hit two birds with one stone.
  8. Ask some guests to perform during the party, or maybe even perform yourself. To keep the spirit alive during the event, ask some of your talented family members or friends to perform a song or dance number. If you can sing or dance yourself, why not perform too? The guests will surely love and enjoy it!
  9. Ask people who can’t come to your party to send greeting videos instead, so that it can be played during the event. This goes for relatives or friends who are living in a different country. Also, why not add in some birthday greetings from your favorite celebrities? If you know anyone who works in show business, don’t be shy to ask them that favor! In my experience, I was lucky enough to get greetings from my celeb crushes like James Reid and Andre Paras, since my ninong worked in the world of showbiz. It’s something you can look back at and smile like crazy at when you’re older! 🙂
  10. Prepare a trivia game about yourself and give away some prizes. This is a popular way to break the ice and also have some fun! I’m pretty sure your guests know you well enough to answer the questions you come up with.
  11. Prepare a playlist for songs to be played during 18 Roses, the dinner, and the after party. You can even ask help from family and friends if you are not up to date with the latest music. Just be sure that you personally like those songs too. Here are a few song suggestions for your 18 Roses. 🙂
    1. Can I Have This Dance – HSM 3
    2. I See the Light – Tangled
    3. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
    4. You and Me – Lifehouse
    5. I’ll Be – Edwin McCain
    6. You and I – John Legend
  12. ENJOY! Even if planning a debut is stressful, once the day for the party comes, RELAX! This is literally your time to be happy and be excited. THIS IS YOUR DAY! Don’t let the slightest negativity ruin it. Just be cool, smile, and enjoy every minute of your debut! ❤

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