Christmas and Birthday Haul!

Hi everyone! Please watch my latest video on YouTube wherein I did a haul of all the presents that I got for Christmas and for my birthday! Don’t forget to hit subscribe too hihi.

And I also just started school yesterday and I already don’t want to go back hahaha! I’m a bit nervous for this upcoming semester, as I always am, but I am still hopeful that I will have a great 2017 ahead of me, so tiwala lang haha.

Thank you so much for watching, MWAH!

xo, moira ❤


October Favorites 2015


Happy November! It is time for another round of favorites! October passed by real quick for me but at the same time didn’t. Does that even make sense? LOL


(1) Broadway-themed notebook from Typo. I love Typo! Their store is so IG/Tumblr worthy. I especially love their notebooks (plus points if it’s on sale), and I even gifted all my best friends with one. The notebook that I own though is Broadway-themed. I absolutely love Broadway/theater! Too bad I’m not blessed with an angelic voice 😦 But anyway, when I saw the notebook in the store, I knew I had to get it!

(2) JaDine scrapbook. I HAVE HAD THE BIGGEST CRUSH ON JAMES REID EVER SINCE HIS PBB DAYS. That is why every time I see him on the cover of something, I immediately want to buy it. Ayan, napabili tuloy ako! It was so worth it though hahah. Plus, I also love Nadine Lustre 🙂

(3) YES! Magazine’s AlDub/Kalyeserye November issue. The day they said this issue was coming out, I already told my dad to buy me one. And he actually did! The first ever sit-down interview of Maine Mendoza is part of this issue, and I immediately read it. Fangirl much? haha


(4) Benefit Cosmetics Life of the Party. ALL THOSE BENEFIT GOODIES FOR ONLY P2000! Such a steal! That was actually the first thing I ever bought from Benefit, since makeup from their brand is really expensive. Usually, you would only get one makeup product from Benefit for P2000. But this one had a lot of small makeup items, all for that same price. It was so worth it!


(5) Tangle Teezer. I first heard about this product from YouTube beauty gurus, who all seemed impressed with it. I thought they didn’t sell it in the Philippines, but then I saw one at a store in Greenhills, so I decided to get one. Let me tell you, the Tangle Teezer really works! I don’t know how it does it, but it works! Even my parents tried it and were impressed. haha!


(6) Forever 21 Pouch Bag. As an architecture student, you will be needing a “toolbox” for all your markers. And being the “Moira” that I am (haha), I had to get one in pink. When I saw this in Forever 21, I fell in love with it! It is just so “me.” My blockmates actually thought it was a lunchbox, but they still thought it was pretty cute. hehe

(7) 4th Impact. If you haven’t heard about this all-Filipina girl group who is part of this year’s X Factor UK, then you’ve probably been living under a rock! The group is composed of 4 sisters who came all the way from the Philippines to the UK to follow their dreams. And I must say, ang galing nila!!! Even Simon Cowell likes them. They are now part of the live shows, but so far, their performance of Burlesque is my favorite! Talagang napatigil mundo ko! WAW!


(8) The Pessimistic Optimist Bella.  Yes, I am a big fan of Maine Mendoza, so of course, I had to stalk her. LOL! But seriously, I loved reading her blog because it felt like I was personally getting to know her. I really love Maine because she is very down-to-earth. Yung parang hindi mo feel na “artista” siya, feel mo kaibigan mo lang. I knew about her because of her Dubsmash videos, and from there, I already thought to myself that I wouldn’t be surprised if I see her on TV soon, since she is really funny. Ayun, nagkatotoo nga! Maine, if you’re reading this (wow baka???), ALDUB YOU! *pabebe wave* (


(9) Four Sisters and a Wedding. I decided to watch this again because this is my favorite Filipino movie. It’s such a great family movie because it’s funny, but at the same time, madrama? My favorite parts are Bea Alonzo’s monologue and the last line of Sam Milby. Naiiyak ako kapag napapanood ko yun 😦

(10) Girl Meets Rah Rah. I got to have a Girl Meets World marathon one night, and this was one of the episodes I watched. Its topic was “trying,” and it highlighted the process of how Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. If you didn’t already know, Edison tried 10,000 times before succeeding in his invention. And if he didn’t try 10,000 times, there would be no light in this world today. My favorite quotes from the episode were:

“So if you only try 9,000 times, then nothing will really happen.”

“Dream your dreams, little ones, because nothing is impossible. And isn’t that the kind of world you’d want to live in?”

(11) Girl Meets Texas. OHMYGOD MY HEART!!! This 3-part episode was so complicated, yet it was so… honest? I mean, because in some shows or movies, you already know who is going to end up together right from the start. But GMW took a different turn, a more realistic one perhaps. Feelings are complicated, especially when you’re young. Girl Meets Texas did not really conclude anything, but that’s what I like about the series, because they actually show that life doesn’t always have conclusions, but rather, it just goes on.

(12) Tamang Panahon. Do I even need to explain why I loved this???


(13) Higher by Lea Salonga. Lea Salonga is my favorite Filipino artist! Her voice is sooo clean, huhu kainggit. She’s returning to Broadway soon with the new musical Allegiance. Higher is one of her songs from the show, and it was made especially just for her. Super LSS! (


(15) Bahala Na by James Reid and Nadine Lustre. When I remember this song, I always think it is such a good theme song for my college life. “Nananananana nanananana, wala na kong pake basta bahala na!” HAHAH (

I am hoping that November will be a good month. 🙂

xo, moira ❤